Remoulding The World
From The Hellmakers By John Grover O.B.E. (1/1/1988)

The story of the Fabians since their founding in London a century ago is one of remarkable negative activities at the expense of ordinary people. In the destruction of the British Empire and in western governments today one can see their skilful handiwork in conspiracy, subversion, waste and high taxation. The frozen doomsday attitudes of the writers of school textbooks, the bleak pseudo-scientific perspectives without documentary support, the out-of date, contentious and irrelevant misinformation, the untrue socio-economic teachings and the hostility to capitalism, to European and American civilization, to industry and to Christianity, are all derived from discredited Fabian themes whose repositories are now the UN and UNESCO. Dr Herbert London's book "Why Are They Lying To Our Children?" exposed the manipulators of the U.S. government education system by quoting from 40 text-books showing the mindless, unexamined scenario in which uncle Sam always wore the black hat and was characterised by such clichés and buzz-words as environmental rape, eco-catastrophe, cancer, radiation. In 1985, on the other side of the pacific, Australian journalist Greg Sheridan told of "vipers in the nation's classrooms" teaching children hostility to both Australia and to their great ally America. Marxist-controlled teachers unions compelled the teaching of immorality, of

"shoddy political clap-trap and grotesque fruit-cake ideology"

— a recipe for disaster.