2 Kinds Of People From 2 Kinds Of Understanding
From 'Role Of Morality' by P Atkinson (18/4/2016)

All understanding is built upon morality, a set of values against which reason interprets events, and this morality is an essential and physical part of every adult human. It is formed during infancy, and the resulting personality created by this understanding may be separated into two distinct types:

The Selfish, or Immoral
The selfish, or immoral, person is someone who has been taught to prize themselves above everything, hence they:

Unselfish, or Moral
Adopting any set of values that prize something other than private indulgence, allows an individual to:

A moral individual improves their world by creating riches perceived by a clear understanding and won through self-sacrifice, an immoral (selfish) individual achieves the opposite; they consume wealth by sacrificing all around them on the altar of their private desires while hiding this fact by lying. The moral make their community richer and cleverer, while the immoral generate poverty and delusion.