Two Kinds Of People Win Two Kinds Of Community:
Sane or Insane
From 'Role Of Morality' by P Atkinson (15-Aug-23)

Two Kinds Of Understanding
There are two kinds of understanding dictated by the experiences of infancy, either the understanding reveres "Us" or "Me". Hence each citizen is striving either for communal benefit at personal expense or personal benefit at communal expense. Thus, depending if the majority is unselfish or selfish dictates whether the good of the society is being won by personal sacrifice, or being sacrificed for personal gain.

Society Is Either Sane Or Insane

Unselfish so Sane and Waxing
OrderedReveres tradition, hence duty, which bestows sensible purpose and clear identity on all citizens so winning social order
PowerfulDutiful citizens accumulate knowledge uncorrupted by superstition so winning ever improving technology, which supplies increasing wealth and power
Selfish so Insane and Waning
ChaoticSelfish citizens discard tradition, hence duty, so losing the sensible purpose and clear identity of citizens needed for social order
ImpotentThe democratic rule demanded by the selfish replaces science with superstition so loses communal wealth and power