Demonstration Of The Rage Inspired By Noise
'Handyman slain' The Sunday Mail, 2/5/2004

A MAN who stabbed his neighbour to death because of his noisy renovations has been jailed for life.

Christopher Hoyland could not take any more of the constant banging and drilling coming from electrician George Evans's adjoining terrace home. He armed himself with a knife and plunged the blade into Mr Evans's neck on his doorstep.

As Mr Evans lay bleeding to death, Hoyland tried to create a false alibi by walking his sister's dog, a jury was told at Teesside Crown Court in England. Hoyland, 42, denied the murder of Mr Evans, 54, in November but was convicted after a six-day trial.

After the case, Detective Superintendent Sue Cross said:

"No matter how aggrieved he felt about the noise... this is no justification for taking a life."