Note 30
From Professor NSDAP by Joachim C. Fest — See further Notes

30 See Eugen Hadamovsky, quoted by Bracher, Sauer and Schulz, Die nationalsozialistische Machtergreifung. Alfred Rosenberg, in Blut und Ehre. Ein Kampf fur deutsche Wiedergeburt. Reden und Aufsätze von 1919-1933 (Munich, 1934), described Barlach's Magdeburg War Memorial thus:

'A mixed variety of short, undefinable sorts of people wearing semi-idiotic expressions and Soviet helmets are supposed to symbolize German home guards! I believe that every healthy SA man will pass the same judgement here as any conscious artist.'

And Goring, in a speech to Prussian theatre managers on 12th September 1933, quoted by Horkenbach, 1933:

'Every SA man who has taken part in protests against a 'Schweik' or similar play has more artistic sense than the administrator who brought the piece to the stage.'