History From The Library Of P.Atkinson (25/9/2014)

Adolf HitlerThe Face Of The Third Reich
Agricola ; Germania; The Annals; The Histories
The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire
The Burning Of The Temple; The Secret History; Twelve Caesars
Boer WarCommando; Grey Steel; The Great Trek
17th CenturyBattle Of:– Bothwell–BridgeDunbar
'Characters' Of:– Charles ICharles IICromwell— Archbishop Leighton
Execution of Charles I; English Constitution; History of England
Judgement Of Mankind; Restoration Manners
18th Century Battle of Plassey; The Age Of Addison; Travellers In 18th Century England
Letter to:– a Noble Lorda Member of the National Assembly of France
Reflections On The Revolution In France; Thoughts On French Affairs
Middle Ages Annihilation Of The Order Of The Knights Templar
Massacre Of The Jews At The Coronation Of Richard I; The Maid Of Orleans
SocietySex In History; The Civilization Of China
Warfare Submarines
World War IIHorrie The Wog Dog—The First Nuclear Attack—Japanese Atrocities