Rule 9 — Inspiration For Public Loathing
Homosexuals versus Pedophiles
From G.R. Taylor's Rules of Matrism/Patrism Explained

All people suffer from anxiety with the nature of those concerns reflecting the nature of the individual.

Patrists Worship Duty So Fear Homosexuality
Popular contempt for male homosexuality is really contempt for those traits associated with masculine inadequacy :

Those very characteristics that must be overcome to meet the demands of duty, hence it is a common and general aversion among dutiful citizens.

Matrists Worship Children So Fear Pedophiles
Self-indulgent citizens have no anxieties about duties because they have no duties, except to themselves, which means they feel under no obligation to compel their progeny to adopt any tradition. Nor do they have any means of resisting their natural instinct to pamper their off-spring. Hence they do not rear their children but worship them, so:

  1. They have an aversion to imposing discipline upon children, which is an attack upon society for disciplining children is the way a society keeps itself alive.
  2. Whereas Patrists have their loathing restrained by their sense of duty, Matrists have no such restraint so their hatred of 'pedophiles' is hysterical, winning the discarding of the presumption of innocence. Hence:

— inevitably obtaining rule by terror.