The Impact Of Social Decline Upon Authority
From 'Impact of Decline' part of 'A Study Of Our Decline' by P Atkinson (2010 July)

Reversal of the nature of authority
Only unselfish citizens will be obedient and accept commands, selfish citizens cannot be commanded but must be persuaded. So the change from an unselfish to a selfish community changes the nature of authority from Master to Servant:

Impact OnReplacingWith
IndividualThe Pursuit Of Duty guided by reverence of a God who demands obedience to his laws, under threat of eternal damnation, proclaimed by his servant the church.The Pursuit Of Self-Indulgence revealed by the widespread discarding of moral restraint excused by the common notion that the church is unnecessary because if God exists, he is the intimate and forgiving confidant of every individual
ParentsThe Rule Of A Stern Father supported by the infliction of corporal punishment guided by tradition The Misrule Of An Indulgent Mother, who is driven by her instinct to nurture her progeny and her desire to win her children's approval
TeachersWielders Of The Cane who demand unquestioning obedience and hard work from their pupils in return for lucid instruction Holders Of Panic Buttons who are charged with imbuing uncertain lessons, into unruly pupils who cannot be effectively disciplined
PoliceCommunal Servants who uphold the law at the direction, and with the support of, fellow citizens Communal Bullies who impose tyranny by haphazardly enforcing numerous dubious rules upon ordinary citizens while unable to control criminals
Law CourtsUnbiased Dispensers Of Justice guided by tradition and unmoved by the excuses of the accused The Biased Dispensers Of Injustice who have replaced the guide of tradition with emotional responses to the claims of the accused
GovernmentA Revered Monarch, guided by the church, who demands immediate obedience and stands personally responsible for the nature of the rule Despised Politicians who are popularity seekers guided only by the clamour of the mob while accepting no responsibility for the acts the occasional will of the people demands
CommunitySanity: Where a rational control is wielded by a dutiful master, solely responsible for the outcome, with purpose and resolution; efficiently implemented by loyal subjects anxious to do their duty regardless of personal cost Insanity: Where an irrational control is wielded by self-serving, irresponsible executives, without either clear purpose or resolution; inefficiently implemented by subjects resentful of restriction, complying only under threat or promise