10.7 The "Get Rich Without Effort" Ethic
From The Work Ethic And Discipline by LJM Cooray

This is the ethic of the gambler, and it is not particularly novel. What may be novel is the state sponsorship of this ethic by way of the state lotteries and Lotto, and the sophistication of the promotion for these things. A particularly impressive example of this phenomenon appeared during the Brisbane Commonwealth Games with the theme "Be a winner!". After exciting scenes of famous sporting achievements by Australians came pictures of people watching their Lotto numbers come up, then caressing the new Rolls[Rolls Royce car] or walking down the front steps of their new mansion. "Success can be easy" was the message. For a dollar or two and perhaps the effort of scratching a lottery ticket you can end up rolling in money. This message undermines the idea that hard work and application are required for success. The other advertisements for Lotto, lotteries and scratch-ems are almost as bad. They help to promote the idea that success or just "feeling good" should be available without intelligence and effort. This is the mentality of the gambler, the drug addict and the parasite.