To "The High Court In Mabo — Legalist Or L'Egotiste" by LJM Cooray (1995)

Part I contains about 19,419 words, a wide ranging critique of Mabo v Queensland and an analysis of the proposed legislation, written for the lay person.

Part II contains in a more detailed and technical form (mainly for the lawyer and also for the student of politics) supporting material for the arguments and propositions stated in Part I.

Part II inter alia contains (i) a more detailed analysis of the legal reasoning in Mabo and the proposed legislation, (ii) a critique of Sir Anthony Mason's view that the High Court in Mabo was only doing what the common law courts had always done and (iii) an expansion of arguments more succinctly made in Part I.

This division is made because many readers may not want to peruse more than 20,000 words on the subject and would not want to wade through the legal technicalities and the political implications.

There is some repetition between Parts I and II. Repetition with more substance in Part II of what is in Part I is an essential part of the scheme (referred to above) of the publication.

Part II also contains an analysis of the Commonwealth Native Titles Act.