Christian Belief And Family
Sir James Peiris by L.J.M. Cooray

The guiding motivation of his life was his Christian faith. He became a believing Christian in his undergraduate days at Cambridge, though he had been baptised earlier in order to obtain a birth certificate.

He participated in the activities of the Diocesan Council of Ceylon. He was a regular worshipper at the Church of St Michaels and All Angels, attending service on Sunday morning and evening, despite his heavy schedule. He held office as one of the Incorporated Trustees of the Church of England in Ceylon. The Trustees dealt with the investments and management of the monies and property of the Diocese.

The first basis of his life was his Christian faith and commitment to truth. The second basis was his home and family. These two bases underpinned, influenced and vitalised the contribution he made to the nation.

He was a loving husband, father, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend. He was loved and respected, with awe and reverence by all of them. This was not merely for his intellectual ability and achievements in public life. It was for his integrity and simplicity. Many who knew him talk about his simplicity and his humility in private life. He was approachable and considerate to all. He never lectured his children. But he inspired them by his experience. Appendix A contains a letter by his daughter to her grand children, which speaks of his life and influence on all those who were fortunate enough to be touched by him.