Not Enough Tellers Employed by Banks
Jobs? by Harry Howard in a Letter to the editor, The Courier-Mail, 6/12/1999

WHILE waiting 15 minutes or more in a queue at the National Australia Bank, I had an ideal opportunity to read some of its flyers. One, in particular, caught my eye: "We're proud of our profit." On the front was a contented group of happy NAB employees (or perhaps models). On the reverse were the many and varied benefits of the huge profit announced on November 4. Under the heading "A profit is good for Australia" was the statement "It means jobs".

I couldn't help remarking, when finally I was served by one of the two tellers trying to deal with a queue of 20 people, that it obviously didn't mean jobs in the bank serving clients.

Among the long list of who benefited from the huge profit there was no mention of the customers. — Coorparoo, December 2.