Tony Pitt 's Defence Report
An Ex-Warrant Officer's View On Australia's Defence (1999)

Ready Reserve Ammunition
Self Loading Rifles Manpower
5.56mm/.223cal Morale
Steyr Navy
Australian Defence Industries Threats
Electronic's SchoolRemedies
Reaction of Brigadier Ted Serong to this report.

The Ready Reserve
This cache of 1,157 Bren guns and 415,000 303s (plus ammunition) was put in storage after World War II in case we were invaded. It took three years to unpack, clean, check, oil and repack the weapons, and then it was time to do it all again. I watched the storeman, acting under orders, dumping them on the Barrier Reef, cutting them up in pallet loads and sending them to Sims Metal. By 1991 most had been destroyed. The remainder, 100,000 303s 8,300 Brens, 3,000 Vickers, and all remaining Owen guns went to "overseas tender only" (Aust 30/5/91). This left us with 110,000 of the L1A1, 7.62mm self loading rifles and 37,000 Steyr 5,56mm rifles.

The Self Loading Rifles (SLRs)
In 1994 the government ordered that these 110,000 rifles be melted down at BHP (Australia's largest steel producer). Each rifle was worth $4,000 secondhand. That left us with (by then) 67,000 Steyrs.

The 5.56mm/.223cal
The Steyr was 5.56mm or .223cal a virtual toy by military weapon standards. It was touted the killer weapon as was the Armalite 223. The British commandos used that in the Falkland war. In the debriefing the commandos reported that the .223cal was no use in war. In their words,

"The Armalite 5.56mm the L42 (7.62mm) and the SLR were the weapons predominantly used, but the Armalite just didn't have the stopping power —it's a 5.56mm high velocity round, and it used to go straight through people as opposed to knocking them down. The 7.62 SLRs and L42s were knocking them down."

It was after the Australian "government" were aware of this inadequacy that they dumped the SLRs and armed Australians with a known ineffective calibre weapon.

The Steyr
The Steyr proved to be defective. The Army issued an order No. 7196-94. This indicated that the Steyr should not be used on rapid fire for long because plastic parts melted.

The Saudis tried the Steyr and rejected it because it could not handle the dusty conditions. It was also reported that the tiny .223cal was no good in the tropical wet either. It didn't take many drops of water down the barrel to make the gun unsafe to the operator. The optical sight fogs up in the jungle and, since the rifle has no other sight, the soldier is in deep trouble.

Australian Defence Industries (ADI)
The Federal Government decided that the gun legislation to disarm Australia applied to our armed services. If you can't believe that read this report from the Financial Review 1/12/97.

"The Federal Government arms manufacturer, Australian Defence Industries Ltd, is being paid $400,000 for surplus guns it is surrendering under the Government's guns amnesty."
" The surrender improves the balance sheet of ADI, which is about to be privatised, and increases both the tally of weapons surrendered and the payments, which come out of the extra medicare levy."

We paid them to melt more of our vital defence weapons.

Ammunition Factories
The "government" closed our ammunition factories so we no longer had the capability to make our own ammunition.

The Ammunition
The ammunition, which had to be imported, was defective. There was case separation which means that when the extractor tried to pull the spent cartridge out of the breach the rim came but the case didn't. The only way the gun could be repaired was to send it back to the armourer where the brass could be reamed out.

The Ammunition Suppliers
Guess who got the contract to supply us with ammunition. You guessed it —Indonesia. By a strange coincidence they were unable to fulfil the contracts so the Army had no reserves and no ammunition to even practise with. Does that surprise you?

Surface to Air Missiles (SAM)
In the fifties and sixties the Royal Australia Air Force had a missile squadron to protect our industrial heartland around Newcastle. By 1970 the squadron had been eliminated and not replaced.

Over the Horizon Radar (OTHR)
Today, from satellite, observers can read the headlines of your newspaper, they can detect a metal object the size of a can opener, and they can pick up the heat of a decomposing body, buried two foot down, four months after the body was buried. They can track every ship on the face of the earth. Now — thirty years after the invention of radar absorbent paint for aircraft, Australia is experimenting with over-the-horizon ground based radar and not too successfully. Does that surprise you?

Our Air Transport
I watched the Royal Australia Air Force stand the Hercules transport aircraft on the airstrip at Laverton unattended and un-maintained. These craft deteriorated until they were sold at junk prices. At that time we were paying Ansett and TAA to fly our men and equipment because we did not have the aircraft to shift them.

Our Helicopters
We had twenty Chinooks until the government sold 18 of them. Now we have no aircraft capable of moving our soldiers rapidly or getting supplies to them. In the invasion of Malaya during the last war the Japanese used push bikes. We haven't even got bikes.

The Schools
We had the best electronics school in Australia at Laverton. The adult trainees were a cut above anyone else. We gave hands-on equipment training to the apprentices who received their theory and practical training in the best civilian establishments including the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

The apprentices were so far behind the "direct entry" trainees doing the same course under Royal Australia Air Force instructors that they could not even start the practical training undertaken at Laverton. To solve this problem Royal Australia Air Force instructors had to take the apprentices for a crash course from basics though to computers to get the civilian trained product to a level to even look at complex equipment. I was one of the instructors at the school for over ten years. The School of Radio was closed leaving our youth bereft of the only decent electronics school in Australia.

A Spy's Paradise
The armed forces Headquarters Support Command, Victoria Barracks, St Kilda Road was the security joke of the century. All modifications under development related to by weaponry, airframes, engines, electrical, radio, radar and navigation aids had to be routed through, and processed by, civilian staff who were not tradesmen and had no business knowing what modifications were under way. When I was there the 'modifications' cell was run by a gentleman of recent European extraction.

We, the technical writers, had to have our typing done by the public servants. There were many foreigners in the typing pool.

The military personnel were not allowed to do their own photocopying. The copying had to be done by public servants who took the classified documents out of sight, took what copies they wanted, and then returned the documents.

Fixed Installations
Our transmitting and receiving stations were dispersed for survivability. These have been closed so we rely on Telstra which is not secure. Encoded messages are easily broken with computers these days.

Rifle Ranges
About half of our rifle ranges have been closed and the others are being eliminated rapidly. There is an agenda to close nearly every civilian and military range. WHY?

The government knows the rifle and pistol clubs provided a pool of shooters who could in war be snipers or train troops. They do not miss a trick in disarming and disadvantaging us.

The services have contracted out their maintenance. This is okay in peace time but it means the servicemen sit doing nothing, get no hands on experience and become box changers. In time of war we can't force the civilians to go overseas or even to Darwin and we can't force them to cross train so they are drivers, gunners, radio operators and soldiers. This is planned and subtle sabotage. We can't even make the mechanics go on a test flight in the aircraft they declare serviceable. That kept them honest.

At the risk of being accused of sexism let me say the women do a good job but the number who entered the services in non-combat roles actually reduced the combat troops available for dangerous duty by about a quarter. In an armed service our size that is bad news.

Civilian Staff
The civilian staff are neither use nor ornament to armed services. They too can't be cross trained to change overnight from box packers (equipment assistants) to cracker stackers (gunners) and soldiers. They simply give the services numbers that are not there in time of war. They serve to conceal the real weakness of our armed forces. When our army was 27,000 strong we had:
( Minister for Defence, Senator Ray as reported in the Australian Financial Review 15/5/91)

Morale — Whimps
Troops are being brainwashed into believing that, if they see anyone get hurt they really need counselling. God help them if the Japs or Indonesians get them. There won't be any time to sit down, have a good cry, and call the padres and counsellors.

The whole idea of discipline is too make the soldier so scared of his sergeant that he would rather fight a Jap with a machine gun rather than risk the wrath of the sergeant. That ain't easy. Current armed forces policy says that officers and NCOs are not to talk harshly to the men and women in case their delicate feelings suffer damage.

To suggest that this is all part of a deliberate plan by the government to neuter the forces might have raised a laugh a few years ago but now there are just too many signs that there is deliberate psychological indoctrination of our troops to take away their manhood.

There have always been a few homosexuals in the armed forces. Provided they did their work and did not interfere with others they were tolerated. If they became a pain in the butt to others they were sent packing.

Now the government makes a production of "accepting" Gays. Their real intent seems to be to encourage limp wristed ones to be visible and active as part of the image of our new bronzed ANZACs.

Our image in Asia is pretty bad when our politicians take their lipstick and fishnet stockings to do some "diplomacy". We do not need fairies in the forces to make us the laughing stock of the world. The politicians do a good job in that field.

I do not rush around telling everyone that I am hetrosexual and I see no need for any "publicity" about who is gay and certainly there is no need to pay public relations officers to sell our pro-gay armed forces.

Soldiers are so coddled that they are not allowed to carry rifles, bolts and ammunition in the same vehicle in case they have an accident.

The enemy will really shock them. He will want to kill them on purpose. Would anyone seriously suggest that police carry their pistol in one car and ammunition in another? Then why impose such nonsense on grown-ups in uniform?

Ready Or Not
The government has a suicide plan. They store our rifles where they are safe — in locked armories. Anyone with half a brain knows this is absolute stupidity. From lessons learnt every since gun repositories were invented, the hard cold facts are that, you do not put all the guns in one place where the enemy can steal them or destroy them in bulk.

One guerrilla with a machine guns can keep a thousand unarmed men out of their own armory. Even if they got into the armory they would still have no bolts (breech blocks) and then no ammunition. This cannot be an accident. In the fifties we had a bracket on the wall where our rifles stood under our own lock and key.

Gun Factories
To make sure we could not even build military weapons in an emergency the government bought in legislation to force private firms to sell out to the government so the factories could be dismantled and the machinery destroyed. It seems the government is happy for every other nation on earth to make guns, but WE can't. Do you start to see a pattern emerging?

Surprise Surprise
We had Operation Kangaroo to see if Australia could cope with an invasion from the north. Guess who the "government" brought in as independent umpires. You guessed right again —Indonesian Generals.

Aircraft Carrier
They got rid of the Melbourne: our only aircraft carrier. Our economy is so devastated we can never hope to replace it.

Fleet Air Arm
The government got rid of the Fleet Air Arm leaving our ships without air cover in the twentieth century.

Our Missile Ships
We had the Derwent and the Swan. The government sank the Derwent to test demolition charges. They sank the Swan to make an artificial reef. I had a report from a marine engineer who went over the Swan as it was being made ready for a watery grave. He could not believe they were going to get rid of a ship in such great condition.

Collins Class Submarines
These are a disaster. They are World War II mechanics. They are noisy and have to surface to charge batteries. In the seventies these type ships could be tracked like bleeding elephants in the snow. They have no real defence against attack and they are armed with iron torpedoes which in the 21st century will be the laughing stock of the world. Our government knew this when they ordered the submarines.

It would be kinder to shoot the crew now than let them suffer a horrible death in war. Perhaps we should shoot the traitors who deliberately ordered that we equip with obsolete toys.

Industrial Treason
The defence support facilities thought up new treason. They ordered that the Royal Australian Navy build their patrol boats out of aluminium and magnesium instead of steel, allegedly to avoid rust. They knew, from World War II, that magnesium was good for making incendiaries. They put our navy boys into incendiary bombs knowing that any hit would incinerate our fathers, brothers and sons. When the boat burns it is as though the sailor was tied to a fireworks fountain. Any survivors are horribly disfigured and often maimed. The government built these death traps here in my home town, Maryborough, at Walkers Ltd.

Our old patrol boats were completely refurbished and delivered to Indonesia. John MacLean, of Hervey Bay, was the crane operator.

Are there kickbacks
We bought two US Navy tank landing vessels, the Manoora and Kanimbla. Both were built in 1975. We paid $61 million. Then we spent $42 million on initial rust repair, $54 million on initial repair and upgrade, and then another $93 million additional repair and upgrade. We still have ships 24 years old and obsolete. (Daily Telegraph 11/9/98).

Joint Control
Prior to joint control there was healthy rivalry between the services. They all had aircraft, boats and guns. If any one service was infiltrated the others were still effective. Today they have all been infiltrated through the joint control and civilianisation. Asians and aliens are given key jobs above the uniformed branches.

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation & Australian Secret Intelligence Service
Hindsight reveals that a suspected KGB spy from MI5 actually set up and staffed our security services. One can only guess at the key men he chose. This is dealt with in full (see High Treason)

Training the Enemy
I have video footage of Mr Sambawaga (Indonesian Spokesman and politician bragging that they will ATTACK and, in the same footage Ali Alitas (Indonesian Minister for Foreign Affairs) is saying that Mr Sambawaga reflects the views of the Indonesian people and the parliament. We are training Indonesian troops at Canungra our Jungle Warfare Centre so they know all of our tactics. We bring them out here on joint exercises so they get to see every aspect of our army, navy and air force. This is treason.

Big House
Everywhere one goes in Indonesia one hears the same line of tripe. Indonesia small country — many people. Australia big country — few people. It is obvious that this is the government education/ propaganda line being drummed into the people. By the same logic Suharto lives in a big house —few children. Paddy Murphy lives in small house — many children. Perhaps Suharto would like to swap to even thing out.

The "big house" theory is the maggot of madness that starts all wars. It is theirs. I want it. Therefore it's mine. I will take it by force. They don't want to give it up. The last survivor wins, at the cost of a million brothers, sons and fathers.

Beach Heads/Airfields
The government has permitted Indonesia to acquire cattle stations with night landing strip facilities. Planes fly in and out without passing through Australian customs. They can and do (according to informants) fly in drugs and guns and take out exitic birds and reptiles. They fly over the north of Australia at will practising "crosswind"landings as far south as Carnarvon. Why don't they practise in Indonesia — no crosswinds?

We had hundreds of military trucks from Asia standing on Royal Australia Air Force bases when they came out here for an exercise. The trucks were here long after the exercise and may be still here. WHY? There was an outbreak of Anthrax in the area, was that coincidence?

Foreign Pilots
According to the government we can't get enough Australians to train as pilots for the Royal Australia Air Force so we are now training Singaporean, Malay and Indonesian pilots to fly OUR aircraft. The government does not tell the truth. Our universities are full of Aussies who would give their eye teeth to be jet pilots.

In the event of a war with Asia which way would these pilots shoot and how hard would they fight for us?

The government has a plan to bring out thousands of Indonesian troops for "crowd control" during the 2000 olympics. I wonder which crowd they will and control and whether they will go home.

Abos/Indo Brothers
The Indonesians claim our fishing beds and northern islands on the grounds that they intermarried with Aborigines so they are indigenous Australians with more title to the north than any of us from of European descent. What garbage? They were using dugouts until the Dutch arrived.

Asians are training and arming militant Aborigines in the north. Peter Sawyer, in Inside News, published details of a shipment of AK47s allegedly imported by Fuller Firearms and allegedly stored in Bondies wharehouses. I challenged Peter to show me proof. He pulled out photos of pallets and weigh bills showing that the arms originated in Russia. That was in 1988.

The Indonesians would use the Aborigines and then shoot them like dogs. Any Aborigine thinking of joining his black brothers should do a quick educational trip to West New Guinea. If he gets back he will be wiser.

Already Gone
Indonesia in 1993 took our oilfields south of the Timor Trench (the border by international law). These were worth $250 billion ($85,000 per Australian family). In 1997 they took at least as much again (the new border is called the Economic Exclusion Zone). There was a massive Indonesian buy out of our assets on Christmas Island. Now they claim that along with the continental shelf the size of Tasmania. To get involved in a war all one needs to do is show a bully nation that you are too yellow to resist their first, second or third land grab. Let them ram your patrol boats and push Australians off their own fishing grounds. Bang! You are dead.

How to deter Indonesia
Janes, the leading authority on world conflict says that Australia WILL be invaded.

All we need do to eliminate this threat is to arm their last three or four victims. Imagine if we gave the Timorese a thousand sniper rifles, what havoc they would cause to those who mercilessly slaughtered their people to suppress them and gain the oil fields?

If we gave the West New Guinea natives a thousand sniper rifles they would take revenge for the genocide there.

The government has, through Interpol, provided computer access to the name, address, driver licence and personal particulars of every gun owner, political writer, editor and activist in Australia so they can be rounded up in the event of invasion and occupation.

The army against us
The army is training in urban clearance, and suppression and internment of civilians. We are the civilians. In the fifties we were taught crowd control. We could shoot if our life, the life of a fellow soldier or a civilian was threatened. I have restricted documents showing that the army are authorised to shoot civilians without such requirements. They can execute without resort to a trial.

The major Australian political parties have signed or are signing treaties that we will not use gas, nuclear, biological, chemical, laser, mines, incendiaries or booby traps. That is big of them. They do not say what we are allowed to use or how we could defend ourselves.

Our own politicians pose the most serious threat to our country. We have no idea which of them are loyal to the Fabians, the New World Order, the Financiers or to themselves. They are certainly not loyal to Australia. They have pursued a policy of giving preference to Asian and Aliens in all of the public service establishments. It is hard to phone a government office in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, and find someone who can talk anything but stilted English.

We have discussed that the Muslims HAVE to kill us Infidels.

The Brisbane Line
In World War II an infamous decision was made to abandon Queensland to the Japanese. The southern cowards did not tell Queenslanders so they could arm and fight as guerillas. On the contrary, they pleaded with Queenslanders to hand in their guns so the army could defend Australia.

All of this was long after the allies knew that the Japanese were depraved murderers who enjoyed a bit of fun making their victims form details to dig holes. The next detail buried the first detail up to their necks and then covered the heads with earth so the victims died a slow horrible death to provided entertainment.

Other games included tying captured prisoners hand and foot and using the prisoner for bayonet practice, once again to provide entertainment. (Refer photos "Knights of Bushido" by Lord Russell.)

Left alone Queenslanders would have made invasion or occupation by the Japanese an experience the Japs would not have enjoyed. Disarmed they would have been "entertainment". That is the good news.

The Newcastle Line
A leaked document revealed the Australian Defence Strategy which planned to defend only south from Newcastle to Adelaide. The Defence Department admitted the leaked document was genuine. (The Sunday Age, 28 June 1992). Guess what —the major Australian political parties have a plan to totally disarm ALL Australians. Sound familiar?

The New World Order could organise an invasion of Australia, by a million Chinese, simply by dumping the boat people who would flee the fanatical Muslims in Indonesia. The Indonesians killed 250,000 Chinese in a couple of days in 1965 and now the "hate the Chinese" game is on again.

Peaceful Occupation
If the Indonesians started ferrying hundreds of thousands of civilian women and children into the north what could we do? There is no such thing as peaceful invasion. The aim is the same —eventual displacement, suppression and eventual slaughter. We are talking about your inevitable fate if you don't do something.

China and Indonesia agreed in 1964 that everything north of the Philippines belonged to China and everything south of the Philippines belonged to Indonesia. That was big of them.

The Chinese have been selling the Norinco Laser Death Ray for years. The USA kindly gave them the technology. I published photos in an earlier edition. It is the size of a Vickers machine gun and water cooled. It isn't much good as a death ray but it totally and permanently blinds every soldier it hits. What do you think an invader would do with 50,000 blind Australian soldiers.

They wouldn't even shoot them. They would let them wander until they drop and the crows would pick out their eyes just as they do to any downed beast (before the beast is dead). This is war on this earth and we live here or we will if we are as tough and ruthless as our enemy. Don't hide from truth or prediction will become reality for you.

Japan is reemerging as a potential threat. They admit to spending $56 billion a year on defence. Much of their military expenditure is disguised as legitimate civilian expenses. They are only peace loving when they are under very close scrutiny.

They have an elite officer corps that could create an invasion size army, in addition to the 200,000 they already have, in a matter of months. They have nuclear subs galore, 280 state-of-the-art tanks, 63 combat ships, 170 armoured fighting vehicles, 150 new helicopters, 386 combat aircraft, three surface to air missile battalions and a large women's army.

One good night on the saki and it is on again. Little wonder it was the Japs who moved the motion to disarm civilians in Australia. That is where Howard got his orders from. (Ninth UN Congress, Cairo, Egypt 29th April — 8th May 1995). Little wonder the Japanese Prime Minister thanked John Howard for initiating the program to disarm Australian civilians (Northern Daily Leader 19/9/97).

Who will Rescue us?
The US may not. They have allowed Timor and West Irian to go into Indonesia's tender mercy. A bit of genocide here and there doesn' worry the Americans much. A merchant seaman told me that he was in West Irian and noticed the farmers were all Indonesians. He asked where the locals were. The Commandant simply held his hand low, as though he had a pistol and was shooting a dog in the head. These are the people the government is to import to handle security for the 2000 Olympics. Will they go home?

The Map
I have had airline pilots, Barrier Reef marine pilots, letter-to-the-editor, and teachers who taught in Indonesia etc. All say they have seen maps showing this as part of Indonesia.

In 1976 army personnel from Bendigo (Army Cartographic Unit) told me that they had drawn maps for Indonesia showing Australia as part of Indonesia. I wrote to the Minister for Defence and he would not deny that.

The Governor General
He has betrayed us and the Australian Constitution by handing control of the military over to the politicians. That is illegal. Our forefathers made specific instructions that was never to be. Any nation that allows the politicians to control the police and the military is in deep trouble.

If you hear Howard talk of "his government" sending troops to Iraq, just be aware, if he does any act which presumes control of the armed services he risks a long jail term. Any G-G who give tacit support to the subversion of our Constitution (Para 68) is in similar trouble. You must ask yourself WHY do these men HAVE to subvert OUR laws? They know it is treason. What incentive drives them?

The foremost authority on defence, war, weapons and politics has forecast that Australia will be invaded. Perhaps Janes have been listening to the hundreds of Indonesians who brag that this country is theirs and they ARE coming to get it.

Senior Officers
The best officers in all of the armed services have been pushed aside to make room for the new breed of academic air-heads who have been anointed with defence degrees and diplomas by the lunatic socialist left ratbags who pass as professors in the Defence Academy. The men who knew how to storm a hill and not lose their men have been replaced with people loyal to anyone but Australia.

Suggested Immediate Remedial Action
We are on our own and we should be capable of reasonable defence against attack. We need a big bang or similar modern weapon. The only thing that will put 200,000 Indonesians or Japanese back on their own territory is the fear that their territory will be hit real hard. That fact that our leaders do not want us to have adequate defence is a worry.

In a worst case scenario where we are actually invaded regulars are no use against insurmountable odds. Guerillas are the only successful force capable of stopping total takeover. Guerillas NEVER surrender totally but to have a fighting chance they need expert training and survival skills such as that available at Canungra.

It is a statistical fact that it takes about ten to twelve times as many regulars to beat a force of guerillas who only fight when and where it suits them. With 600,000 irregulars an invader would need 6,000,000 troops to take Australia. That is provided the guerillas have appropriate and adequate arms. That will never be while we have traitors in Canberra.

Given that Janes predicts we will be invaded one would think the government would take some steps to create a Swiss style defence system. They don't. WHY?

Oz Guerillas —Swiss Style
Our guerilla force would need to be dispersed and mobile. Trail bikes are the go. One soldier on a trail bike, with a suitcase size anti-tank missile is a hard target to hit and very cheap. He can still knock out a multi-million-dollar tank. Another soldier with a .5cal sniper rifle can drop a helicopter. The guerillas would need night vision.

Side Effects
The presence of 600,000 armed civilians in a community would be incredible. Home invasion would drop to almost zero. Armed robbery would almost cease. We would all be safer. This is what has happened in Switzerland where there are 628,000 armed civilians.

We can get 600,000 AK57 rifles, boxed, and complete with cleaning kits for $50 each. We could make Australia invasion proof for $30 million, a thirtieth of what we gave Indonesia to ease their economic crisis. The major Australian political parties will make sure this does not happen. They are traitors or fools.

The Royal Australia Air Force
We bought aircraft that require large fixed landing strips. These are good in a country like the USA but no use to a country like Australia. We needed aircraft that could take off from a cattle station or a beef road. They have been available and cheap for well over 20 years. The Harrier Jump Jet is capable of vertical/short takeoff and landing. Wrong choices are not accidents. I used to think it was stupidity at the top. It is not stupidity.

Coastal Radar
We could have bought simple portable radars the size of a small caravan with a range of 250 miles instead we bought monstrous fixed equipment worth mega-dollars.

We wasted millions putting in fire protection systems that rang warning bells for a few seconds then flooded the building with poisonous fire suppressant gas. A radar is less prone to fire and has better fault protection circuits than your TV.

We paid multi millions to force the manufacturer to replace the transmitter output valve with a toy valve. This necessitated rewriting the handbooks and made it a special order (not off the shelf). More big money. This reduced that area covered by the radar from 785,000 square miles to 196,000 square miles. The original radar (with one additional site) would have given Australia total east coast cover. For much more money we got a quarter of that cover. I see this as commercial corruption and deliberate defence sabotage.

The Mirage and F-111
We bought aircraft designed to deliver nuclear warheads then armed them with iron bombs designed to destroy wooden bridges. The aircraft were not suited for this task. What good would the Mirage or F-111 be against the Chinese, Japanese or Indonesians? We found what put the Japs back in their box and it made a big flash and a big bang. Nothing else works.

What Choice?
We either arm or suffer invasion. Being armed is what deters greedy invaders. If well armed, and protected by 600,000 guerillas, we would be too tough to be tempting. We could be safe, that is if the major Australian political parties were on our side. They are not.

Do Something
It is your children who will be bayonet bait if we are overrun. It is your children or grand children who will be baby bayonet kebabs. That is reality. We do not live in a very nice world and it will not change just because some people choose to stick their heads in the sand. You can get this article on defence discussed in your clubs, unions, RSL, league, society etc. You might just wake enough apathetic Australians to the danger they face to turn the tide in our favour.

High Treason
The Australian government sent our troops to Vietnam and Korea knowing full well that they were serving under a Soviet commander who had to give approval before any air, ground or sea strike could be initiated against the communists. The communists knew in advance where when and how we would attack and were well prepared to slaughter our young soldiers.

Why so? The United Nations "Charter" stipulates that this has to be so forever. Who would agree to such treason?

"EACH ONE OF US THAT SERVED IN KOREA OR VIETNAM. SERVED UNDER THE TOTAL COMMAND OF A SOVIET GENERAL!!" Here are the names of the Soviets and the dates they served as "Under-Secretary" of the Security Council of the United Nations, thus, the highest military commander of all United Nations fighting forces anywhere in the world .......... including all military forces of the United States. These names and information were obtained from the United Nations yearbooks up to 1983.

YearSoviet General's Name
1946-49 Arkady Alexandrovich Sobolev
1949-53 Constantine E. Zinchenko
1953-54 Ilya S. Tehernychev
1955-57 Dragoslav Protich
1958-59 Antoly Dobrynin
1960-62 George Petrovich Arkadev
1962-63 Eugeney D. Kiselev
1963-64 Valdimir Paulovich Suslov
1965-67 Alexei Efremovitch Nesterenko
1968-73 Leonid N. Kutakov
1973-78Arkady N. Shevchenko
1978-80 Mikhail D. Sytenko
1981-83 Viacheslav A. Ustinov

(Source: "Treason In High Places" by Lt. Col. F.P. "Bud" Farrell, U.S.A.F Ret.)

The Enemy Within
The major parties have an agenda to populate Darwin with Indonesians, a ploy that would give us a fifth column in the event of war. This plan may well be forced on government by a United Nations agenda. There is no doubt that Indonesians are welcome and well educated British and South Africans fleeing mad Marxist blacks are not. Indonesian is a compulsory second language in the Northern Territory. Why? There were very few Indonesians there before the "multicultural" agenda.

The Handicap
There is no way you will get the major parties to introduce effective defence to Australia. They have an agenda. That agenda requires that we be totally disarmed. The Liberals signed it in 1981. The ALP ratified it in 1983. It was passed into Australian law in 1984. It was hidden in the Anti-Discrimination Act. All fluffy talk by the various defence ministers is a blind to keep you quiet while they proceed with their agenda. I don't know why. YOU ask them WHY?

Warrant Officer A R (Tony) Pitt, Royal Australia Air Force, Retired.
Technical Instructor/Computer Systems Officer/Technical Writer
Administrator in Radio, Radar, Navigation Aids