Tony Pitt

Warrant Officer, Royal Australia Air Force, Technical Instructor/Computer Systems Officer/Technical Writer, Administrator in Radio, Radar, Navigation Aids

Anthony Ronald (Tony) Pitt was born at Biggenden, Queensland, in 1938 and grew up to become a fair dinkum Aussie bloke.

He worked in the National Bank 1954 to 1958, where the wages were poor. He made more money shooting kangaroos three nights a week than he did working five and a half days a week for the bank. When roos were scarce he lumped wheat and sewed bags to augment bank wages.

In 1959 Tony entered RAAF electronics, training as a mechanic at Ballarat and as technician at Laverton. After six years in charge of teams installing control towers, radars and navigation aids he spent 10 years teaching radio, radar, industrial electronics and navigation aids such as the TACAN used by the space shuttle.

After teaching, Tony turned to writing technical publications and redesigning navigation aids. He retired from electronics in 1979 and became a second-hand dealer, but after 12 years of this he decided the country was in too much of a mess and became a full time unpaid pro-freedom activist.

Tony's aim is to leave Australia to his children in a condition as good as it was in when he inherited a place in it as an adult.

He believes in strict adherence to the Westminster system where politicians write laws but cannot approve them; where impartial governors approve laws if they are not in conflict with inherited laws; where independent public servants run the country; where non-political police enforce the laws and the laws are upheld by an independent judiciary.

Tony produces a newspaper under various names including FIGHT, NATIONAL INTEREST, ACTION and WAKE-UP AUSTRALIA. It is totally not for profit. Neither Tony nor his volunteer helpers get any pay or benefit.

Tony is a thorn in the side of the ALP/DEM/LIB/NAT/GREENS. He wants to stop the sell-out of Australia, put sensible tariff barriers in place, ensure a sound defence system based on the Swiss model and he wants to force all parties to adhere to Constitutional and Statutory laws which give us our rights our freedoms and our safeguards.

Tony believes Citizen Initiated Referendum is vital in a real democracy. He sees anything short of CIR as a dictatorship, abhorrent to free men. He sees Pauline Hanson as a breath of fresh air, an innocent who said 'the emperor has no clothes' voicing an idea whose time has come. He tries to get the 292 pro-freedom groups to work as a team to end Australia's woes.

Tony has a big job ahead of him. He is fortunate that his wife Pat is also dedicated to saving Australia. Few wives would tolerate a husband who works full time for the country instead of being the bread winner, but Pat and Tony have been happily married for 37 years and have two children they love dearly. — 1999