4. Prefer The Short Word To The Long
From How To Write Plain English by the Fowler Brothers (1908)

One of the most important reforms mentioned in the rescript

is the unification of the organization of the judicial institutions and the guarantee for all the tribunals of the independence necessary for securing to all classes of the community equality before the law.Times
(is that of the Courts, which need a uniform system, and the independence without which it is impossible for all men to be equal before the law)

I merely desired to point out

the principal reason which I believe exists for the great exaggeration which is occasionally to be observed in the estimate of the importance of the contradiction between current Religion and current Science put forward by thinkers of reputation.Balfour
(why, in my opinion, some well-known thinkers make out the contradiction between current Religion and current Science to be so much more important than it is)

Sir, — Will you permit me to homologate all you say today regarding that selfish minority of motorists who . . . — Times. (agree with)

On the Berlin Bourse today the prospect of a general strike was cheerfully envisaged. — Times. (faced)