Writers Too Old At 30 In America
'Old Writers Sue' by Darrel Giles The Courier-Mail 26/10/2000

HOLLYWOOD'S older writers have filed a $A400 million federal civil rights lawsuit, against major TV networks, talent agencies and entertainment companies claiming discrimination on the basis of age.

The trend for employing younger writers such as '90s whiz Darren Star (Beverley Hills, 90210, Melrose Place) has amounted to an effective black-listing, the 28 TV script-writers claim.

Lead lawyer Paul Sprenger said he planned to get the lawsuit certified as a class-action which could represent up to 5000 older writers. An NBC executive would give evidence stating he would not employ anyone over 30. The writers are suing for substantial damages, saying they have been unable to find work, have been driven to financial ruin and mental breakdowns.