Responses in 2012
To A Study Of Our Decline



Chuck Cohenour

You are extremely gifted I am but a lowly man of little importance to those of whom I live and work. I have chosen to be what I am. I am happy for that which I have chosen. Through my chosen position in life, I change people.
My profession is a County Drug Court Field Officer. I help to supervise about 110 felon's who are addicts. I was born in 1951 in Ohio, U.S.A. I share a common background with your personal life and did not pursue a university degree for much the same reason as you. However, I have vast amounts of experience and am well read.
Recently, I was given a task to assess our department in a recent survey conducted by our department supervisors. At the end of the assessment, I was asked what I thought our department needed to become better at what we do. My answer was, we had no moral component being taught to our clients. We needed moral and spiritual guidance to be taught, as well as drug treatment guidance, if we wanted any chance to change the character of our participants.
Of course, I have been ignored. However, I believe in steady perseverance, which will lead to some acknowledgment, and I am arming myself with knowledge.
This led me to you and your web page. My belief is that God lead me to you. I believe you ring of truth. I will continue to read and learn.
Thank you,



very interesting stuff on your site Hi Philip, Do you have a blog? I hope you do - your stuff is very interesting and applies to the UK too! Do you still write?



Fernando Castañeda (Spain)

Keep reading you Year after year I keep reading you. I can see that little by little many get to see the same truth that you saw decades ago. But the pace is so slow that it can't reverse the trend. Will in the end a squad of soldiers defend our civilization? If it is so, old as I will be, I will stand by them.



Dick Packard

appreciation of the ideas on your website Philip Atkinson I am so glad to have found your website. [ by pure chance ]. How can you analyse so many things so accurately? I am an American citizen now living in England. Why on earth don't you return to England?
For some time, I have been hoping to write a book titled "The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" A forlorn hope. I have the ideas; but lack a command of the language that seems to come so naturally to you. Besides, you have already written almost all of what I would put into my ----> PART II = THE AGE OF INSANITY.
I was born long before you, back in the almlost-forgotten age of reason. PART I = THE AGE OF REASON ( 15 JAN 1610 TO 6 AUGUST 1945 ) Beginning with Galileo and ending with a bang---a big bang..



Name Supressed By Request

hello I loved your website. There is so much information there and it is so lucid and easy to understand. I admit I would qualify as "crank" because I am currently on disability for mental illness brought on by abusive childhood. I am currently unemployed. I recognize many problems that I have and I am glad your website set me straight. I hope you are well. I support you for much and I wish you well.



Michael Harper ( Midland, Texas)

Your Work Hello, my name is Michael Harper and I live in Midland, Texas. I came upon your work recently and it deeply stirred my already deep emotions on western society and it obvious demise. What is see if we are first headed for before the Dark Ages is what I call the Dumb Ages. People today seem to crave a diet of lies and deception, lead down a path of sure destruction. I'm going to start sending your work out to as many as will read it. This is more important at this time in history then ANYTHING else. For without a turn to the truth and correct an natural laws of living our would will sink into a deep pit of death and despair. I mean that literally, because with the tension that are now being fanned by the media and spineless politicians, a flash point may occur, and then all hell will break lose in the WHOLE world as every country is reliant on Americas money. Your informational truth is a cool drink of water on the lie parched tongue of America.
"Always seek the truth"



Don Creek (Bolivia)

Hello Mr. Atkinson, i've been enjoying your website, having discovered it today and in fact i have suggested your link on as addressing much of what our (USA) headlines are reporting or NOT reporting. a lot of it has to do with race and the increasing racial tensions in the usa. i remember in about 1972, being spat upon by a black who told me of the coming race war. some things you never forget. we became friends (loosely) actually, and i had a few black friends through my teens. now, at age 53 i have been mostly conservative for over 33 years after a little experimentation as a teen.
i read with interest your non-fit in your childhood community. also, your site is interesting regarding parents authority, and many other things which i agree with but did not even know i did. i know that as an american, my experience is not the same as yours and i make no pretense that i understand the english experience after wwII, also, i was born in 59. but still i am fascinated by what is written on your pages. they seem to be quite relevant to usa 'culture'. currently, i reside in la paz, bolivia, and ironically, i find much freedom here. seems almost rediculous to say that here i find myself freer than in the good ol usa. and boy, am i white. yet racial tensions are nothing compared to the usa. there is racial tension; just not nearly as intense. i have worked with and become friends both british and australian. i feel a kinship, and it must be due to shared values, even blood, even though as i mentioned, my experiences are completely different.
well, as i contemplate which country to reside in, i will certainly read more of your site and reflect on it. it seems bolivia is possibly not a bad option. it is a different way here. it is socialistic and there are street demonstrations daily, but overall it is more relaxed. and they seem to have values here that the usa has abandonded marriage, family. though they did have their first gay parade here about 2 or 3 years ago, so they are being transformed here as well. they might be behind 20-30 years in their decline. maybe i am just a coward. but i am afraid of the situation in the USA.
again thanks for the information on your site.


Vince Cascio (Orange, California)

To a Great Philosopher You sir are a rare and unique individual that comes around every hundred years or so. The work of yours (published online) that I have read, has revolutionized my understanding of the current situation. Western culture faces a threat. All intellectuals agree. But you, my friend have taken the time to do a critical analysis that has alluded the "best" and brightest of our time. I could go on and on, but I will stop here and now because the point of this communitation was to "drop a note" of gratitude to you for opening my mind.
I hold a 4-year degree in philosophy from the California State University in Fullerton. I was impressed with your conclusions. Your style and method is refreshing. I share the passion that demands nothing but an unrelenting quest for truth.



Name Supressed by Request on 27/9/2012

Civilisation Sir, I agree with what you say, have done for some time? What do you think the best place/method for survuving these dark ages will be ? Thanks,



Andy Towert (Canada)

Thanks I have just come across your article on Political Correctness [Polcor (as I call it)] : I have read it and admire it tremendously — thank you for so clearly articulating my feelings about it. I have passed it along and will read your book.



Mike Schoneman

Hello, and thank you for your insights and web site. I put a link to it on mine I hope that is ok. I live in Seattle WA. They just passed the 'gay marriage' bill here. It is now the 7th State to legalize gay marriage. A sad day here in the State of Washington. It is like I live in a world that has gone insane. I have been around. I am 67 and I grew up in Brooklyn NY. I tell the politically correct morons here that "I escaped from New York and that I've seen their future ..and it's very very dark." most look at me with a blank stare..Again, thanks for what you have done. by the way my web site is