Responses in 2013
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson



Peter Mackay

Mr Atkinson — genius Dear Mr Atkinson Your writings are magnificent and to the point, and anyone who argues with your observations is clearly in need of help.
On the dumbing down of our society . . . I live in New Zealand. I have lived here for 22 years, but I come from Scotland. Every time I turn the radio or TV on someone is SHOUTING at me. I feel as if I am under siege, that they think I am deaf or stupid. Advertisers talk to you as if you are a child, as if they are telling you a fairy story. It is unbelievable.
The other night I was in McCafe having a cup of coffee in the corner (I don't associate much with society in general, for obvious reasons). A group came in, accompanied by much babble and excitement. It seemed that the young fellow in the cap and gown had just earned his degree. Not only that, it was an honours degree. You can imagine how pleased he was — as were his mates and family.
He sat down near me. His mates and others went to the counter to arrange coffee, etc. He saw me reading a book, about Christopher Marlowe. The book was called 'The Man Who Was Shakespeare,' by Calvin Hoffman. The young man leaned over and looked at the title. He leaned back again and nodded to himself. I said: "Are you familiar with Shakespeare?" The university graduate looked like a deer in the headlights, as if I was playing some kind of a trick on him. He bit his lip and looked into my eyes. "Shakespeare," he said. "Mmmm, I've heard of that."
THAT? Here he is with his honours degree and he isn't familiar with perhaps the greatest writer the English language has ever known. Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist legions continue to dumb down our society, to drag us down to the lowest common denominator, to root out any excellence and originality and replace it with political correctness,.....




Hello Mr. Atkinson, this is K.S. You and I talked a bit through email a few years ago when I was in the military. I just recently checked back to read updates to your site. Your work continues to be one of the most influential books in my life, and I recently changed my diet for the better when reading the information about the High Fat low Carb Diet.
Reading your book gives me great pleasure as it confirms my thoughts on society. Despite the pessimistic message, I find myself laughing often when reading your direct language exposing insanity. I find some kind of dark humor that goes with plainly speaking about the stupidity of society.
Your work is so accurate and entertaining for me to read, I often wonder why you have not attempted to make videos on the subject and post them online. While the policy of most websites to ban "hate speech" may deter you, often I see "politically incorrect" topics on youtube and elsewhere.
I hope you are doing well, and I would love to discuss more about your philosophy in opposition to others. Lately I have been exposed to less pessimistic forms of philosophy, mainly in the form of the backlash against Feminism, and I would like to get your views on what I have read to help clear things up.
Appreciate your contributions,



Mike Brown (Arkansas)

A study of our decline I am a 61 year old American wondering what happened to Western Civilization. My afternoon has been spent reading your works on the internet. It has been one of the most thrilling and sad afternoons that I have spent. Unfortunately, you do not take your own advice and will be one of the first taken when they come. It is inevitable. Will it be gun or starvation? Let us have fun until then. Out of curiosity, do you read The Bible? Sincerely, Mike