SILENCE Is the Response
To A Theory Of Civilisation by P Atkinson (11-Oct-22)

This study not only advances human understanding but is crucial to everybody for it reveals the senile condition hence the inevitable grim future of our community, so everybody should be made aware of my explanation. If my theory is flawed, then it is equally important that the flaw be pointed out, so people are not misled by my theory.

However, in over a decade the only exception to the silence by Churches, Government, Schools, Journalists, Universities, et al, has been the occasional bluster —"you are wrong" — or innuendo — "you should study more." No-one has pointed out any mistakes in my presumptions, or any error in my logic, whereas my work highlights the failures in the presumptions of the community — no-one knows what civilisation is, or what a community is or how understanding works; as well as flaws in the logic of communal thinking — most people do not know how to recognise right from wrong, and no-one realises the significance of this failure that most people are insane!

Lunatics cannot accept any truth that contradicts their fears and fancies because they are slaves to their fears and fancies. Citizens can no more accept that their civilisation is senile than they can speak plainly. Hence the 'silence'.

Western Civilisation is now a Universal State — a mass of insane humanity who can do nothing sensible — so being ignored is fortunate for my well-being as my work is full of unpopular truths, which our senile community can only respond to by either ignoring or persecuting the author.

As there is no other sane community, Humanity is sinking into the next Dark Age, which my work will have to survive if it is ever to be considered by a sensible community: a remote possibility. Thus, to give myself some reward for clarifying centuries of traditional confusion about the nature of philosophy, I announced (2013) that I must be the First Philosopher.

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