Ivermectin Doses Used To Treat Covid-19

Prophylaxis Protocol

Prophylaxis for high-risk individuals:
0.2mg/kg per dose — 1 dose today, 2nd dose in 48 hours, then one dose every 2 weeks. (The dosing may be updated as further scientific studies emerge)

Post Covid-19 exposure prophylaxis
0.2mg/kg per dose, 1 dose today , 2nd Dose in 48 hours.
(To use if a household member is Covid-19 positive, or if you have prolonged exposure to Covid-19+ patient without wearing a mask).


Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol
For Late phase — see FLCCC's Math+ Protocol on www.flccc.net

0.2/kg per dose — 1 dose daily for minimum of 2 days, continue daily until recovered.