The Character Of Australians:The People Being Managed
'Confirmation Of Suspicions' from A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson (January 2011)

Australians of the 1990s revealed by their behaviour that they were unfettered by any morality except convenience while demonstrating an understanding crippled by conceit.

A minute's silence, observed by a crowd at a football match in Sydney (1995), lasts for about twenty seconds. Though the actual interval is nominally imposed by ground officials, this devaluation of respect is really set by the meagre patience of the spectators. Any longer would only be in theory, as restless supporters would disturb the quiet with a growing hum of discontent. So it would only be half the story to consider the performance of managers, without considering the character of their charges.

Contempt For Authority
Occupying positions of public authority once won respect, now it is an invitation to be held up for public scrutiny and criticism. The awed respect reserved for the English Royal family, revealed by newsreels of the 1952 regal visit to Australia, has vanished; in 1990s it has been replaced by scorn and resentment. The media now hold up the Windsor's to public humiliation and ridicule, questioning every privilege, even their continued subsidy by the public purse.

Collapse of Parental Authority
Popular contempt for the Royal family by Australians in 1990s springs from a fundamental change in the way people view authority, which in turn is a reflection of the way parental authority is regarded in the family. The firm rule by a strict father has been placed by the misrule of an indulgent mother. Strict lessons in patience, modesty and self-sacrifice have been discarded in favour of easy licence. Contemporary upbringing is unconcerned with imbuing the qualities of citizenship, but aims only to supply offspring with a good time. The old adage "Spare the rod and spoil the child" has changed from a warning to an edict, making modern parents servants not masters of their children; an attitude spawned by indulging the biological urge of mothers to idolise their progeny; and a practice that must undermine all authority, order and inevitably civilisation.

Inevitable Ramifications Of Indulging Children
Indulging our instincts to revere children has unavoidable ramifications :

The Character Of The Community
The unavoidable result is a community of spoilt children of all ages who are: