Uncontrolled Children Become Uncontrollable Citizens
From 'Character Of Australians' by P Atkinson(February, 2006)

How the Australian community's failure to discipline its children has resulted in uncontrollable citizens:monsters.

Teachers Lose Control
Ignoring the wisdom of the ages, the minister for education in Queensland issued a directive in 1992 that corporal punishment was to be phased out of all state schools within three years, with every subsequent incident in a government school of a pupil being struck by a teacher to be reported to the state's Criminal Justice Commission (see also U.K. example). How state schools were to control their charges was left to the schools imagination, with the unavoidable result of a growing number of uncontrollable and violent pupils, enough to consider the creation of special schools.

The Impotence Of Teachers
The impotence of teachers was emphasised by the Queensland Teachers Union banning 8 students from being allowed into class, these pupils were beyond the ability of their members to control. In the Brisbane Courier-Mail of 5th November 1994 Queensland Teachers union president Ian Mackie declared this decision and called for urgent investigation into deteriorating behaviour in schools because of what the Union saw as an unprecedented rise in poor behaviour among students.

Teachers Repeat Role Of Indulgent Parents
In 1994 The Australian newspaper reported the case of a teacher charged with assault after striking a tiresome child with a wooden rule. A blow only struck after the student had ignored many previous reprimands. Though the case was dismissed the warning was there to all charged with control of minors (see also 1999). Such professional minders are forced to repeat the same behaviour of the indulgent parents. They no longer command and demand, but entertain and appease. If they can't keep the class amused they are regarded as failures, which clearly reveals that it is the pupils not the teachers who are in charge of the classroom.

Schools Reinforce Parents Message
The teacher is obviously at the mercy of the whims of their pupils, so replacing indulgent parents with impotent teachers merely reinforces the lesson of selfishness , while confirming authority is to be despised. This must be the most significant message communicated by the education system, all else is trivial. Whether it is mathematics or morality, no pupil will give more than scant regard to assertions made by people they do not respect. Schools no longer teach duty and obedience but the opposite.

Why we have Inept Managers
Contemporary child rearing with its lack of discipline does not just promote irresponsibility but contempt for authority. How could authority maintain respect when fooling parental authority is the first lesson of life? And when this lesson of infancy is reinforced by the education system it is not just selfishness that is taught, but the impotence and hypocrisy of authority. Children have repeatedly been shown that rules and regulations are just a pretence, and with the right behaviour all restrictions can be ignored with impunity: so control of such citizens is in name only. Executives and politicians must repeat the example of parents and teachers; they cannot command and demand but must please and appease; anything else will result in them losing their jobs.

Disorder the Inevitable Result
The inevitable result of selfish citizens licensed by an impotent authority is public disorder.