Note 110
From Chapter 2 of the Decline & Fall

Herodes Atticus gave the sophist Polemo above eight thousand pounds for three declamations. Philostrat. l. i. p. 558 [vita Herodes, cap. 7]. The Antonines founded a school at Athens, in which professors of grammar, rhetoric, politics, and the four great sects of philosophy, were maintained at the public expense for the instruction of youth. The salary of a philosopher was ten thousand drachmae, between three and four hundred pounds a year. Similar establishments were formed in the other great cities of the empire. Lucian in Eunuch. tom. ii. p. 353 edit. Reitz. Philostrat. l. ii. p. 566. Hist. August. p. 21. Dion Cassius, 1. lxxi. p. 1195. Juvenal himself, in a morose satire, which in every line betrays his own disappointment and envy, is obliged, however, to say

__O Juvenes, circumspicit et agitat vos.
Materiamque sibi Ducis indulgentia quaerit.Satir. vii. 20.