Joan Lane
(January 1996)
Author of The Girl In The Lagoon

Fellow of International Biographical Association. (Eng)

Now lives in South Bundaberg after recently returning from West Australia where she was editor of the Mandurah City Arts Council bi-monthly magazine. In 1990 her play won the Elaine Blake Award and in 1993 was runner-up in the Mandurah City Arts Festival.

She was Co-ordinator of the Mandurah and Coastal Writers Group for 3 years. Edited The New Decade in 1990, a bi-annual book containing a collection of Australian writers poems and short stories, getting some poems published (in Anthologies etc) and several plays performed.

She currently works as editor of the Australian Writers Journal, a bi-annual publication of a collection of Australian writers short stories, poems and plays.

She is married with four adult children, her hobbies/interests, outside of writing, are music, handcrafts and travel.

Her credentials include certificates/diplomas Social Science, Australian School of Journalism, Australian Writing School.

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