The Secret History
by Procopius (550 A.D.)

About life in Byzantium during the early 6th century A.D., which was without justice or honour or shame. A lack of sanity that was upheld by the violent suppression of truth: the hallmark of a Universal State. And while Procopius blames Justinian for the ruin of 6th century Byzantium, the same kind of collapse could easily be observed in late 20th century South Africa, and both were the result of the discarding of tradition by selfish citizens.


Selfish Citizens
The purpose of this book
Belisarius & Antonina
Justin, Justinian, & Theodora
Justinian's Misgovernment
The Crimes of Theodora
Discarding of Tradition
The Destruction Wrought by a Demon-Emperor
The Ruin of Various Classes of the Community
Everyone & Everything Sacrificed
to the Emperor's Greed
Last Word: The Arrogance of the Imperial Pair



Genealogical Table

Map of the Eastern Mediterranean

Map of Byzantium & its Environs