Note 21
From 'The Essay and Modern English Prose' by A.A. Tilley

By Miss Julia Longe (1911). The collection includes, besides a few letters from lady Temple to her husband, several letters by lady Giffard and her correspondents, extending over the long period of years from 1664 to 1722. Among these correspondents are Mrs Katherine Philips ('the Matchless Orinda') in a rather longwinded letter, Sir William Godolphin (an admirer of Sacharissa), the mad lord Lincoln, lady Berkeley (afterwards countess of Portland), the duchess of Somerset and Edward Young (author of Night Thoughts). The length of time covered by this correspondence deprives it of value as characteristic of any particular period; but the collection, as a whole, is an interesting supplement to the Dorothy Osborne series.

Published in 'The Cambridge History Of English Literature' (1934 Edition) Volume 8 'The Age Of Dryden'
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