Drive-by target Random mark
by Gabriel Wingate-Pearse Newcastle Herald, 15/5/2014

STOPPING for a cigarette ended badly for an unsuspecting motorist who fell victim to a random drive-by shooting at the hands of an ice-affected, rifle-wielding motorist in a red four-wheel-drive, court documents reveal.

Scott Sims was driving along Turton Road towards Hunter Stadium at Waratah about 10.20pm on June 20, 2013, when he stopped near the intersection of Crescent Road to get a cigarette out of the back of his car.

As he bent over, he felt an intense pain in his back and as he turned, he saw a red 4WD on the other side of the road, and heard the driver yell: "You'll get more" before driving off.

Mr Sims got into his car and drove towards Charlestown when he pulled into a Caltex service station and asked an attendant there if she could look at his back, and she told him it looked like he'd been hit by a "BB gun" or something similar.

He got back into his car and carried on but stopped at a second service station as the pain intensified and asked a lady there to take a look, and she told him he was bleeding.

He carried on, driving to the Mattara Hotel at Charles-town where an employee told him it looked like he'd been shot and he was taken to John Hunter Hospital by ambulance. Scans showed the bullet had travelled through his liver and lodged in his chest, and was ultimately unable to be removed.

In an agreed statement of facts, police said the victim was unknown to the shooter, 33-year-old Stewart Elliot Wallace, of Shortland, whose spree did not stop with the shooting of Mr Sims.

His next port of call that night, after removing his rear number plate, was Waratah Street, Mayfield, where he collided with a parked car owned by a second unknown person, Nathan MeGeorge, who came out of his house to investigate. A minute later Wallace drove back past, slammed on his brakes and reversed back to where Mr MeGeorge was standing to ask; "Have you got a problem c—?"

Wallace then picked up the rifle and pointed at Mr MeGeorge saying "I can kill you right now" and sped off.

Police were called and gave chase during which Wallace crashed into another parked car, stopping only when police pulled a gun and yelled for him to stop.

Wallace pleaded guilty yesterday to discharging a firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, stalk/intimidate and possess an unauthorised firearm.

Two other charges, including shoot with intent to murder, were withdrawn and dismissed.

The matter was adjourned for sentence to the Newcastle District Court on May 23.