Rule 3—Attitude Towards The Status Of Women
G.R. Taylor's Rules of Matrism/Patrism Explained

Patrists Consider Women Inferior To Men
Dutiful citizens by definition have duties and responsibilities, which confer purpose and identity. These in turn reflect varying levels of social importance, which inevitably bestow varying status upon citizens. A father is expected to provide for his family who must defer to him as their master. To raise children as good citizens parents need obedience and respect from their offspring. To rule, a king needs the instant obedience and respect of all citizens. In this way dutiful citizens create an ordered community where everyone has a station, which confers a particular status, even though this often casts women in a subservient role to men.

Matrists consider women equal to men
Whereas citizens lacking duties and responsibilities have neither a clear sense of purpose nor a firm identity. The resultant disordered community denies both sexes any claim to obedience or respect.