Candid Report Of 1st Black Flash Mob Attack in London
HUGE RACELESS RIOT IN LONDON (View From The Right) 8/8/2011

 Looted Store

Looted Store

A week ago the first black flash mob attack took place in civil, restrained, serene, and oh-so-friendly-to-minorities Canada, suggesting that there are common patterns of black behaviour that transcend borders. And yesterday there was a devastating black riot in Britain, in a part of London called Tottenham:

Riot blaze: North London in flames as police cars, bus and shops burn over police shooting of 'gangster'

The Daily Mail has full coverage, including astounding photos of the street scene and of a block-sized building being destroyed by fire. Of course the Mail doesn't say it was a black riot. The only way you can know for sure that the riot had anything to do with race is from the photo of a man named Mark Duggan, whose death at the hands of police set off the riot. It's the usual script that we know so well in this country [USA]. Police are dealing with some violent Negro criminal, and are forced to kill him, and the black community rises up in violence.

 Gangster Mark Duggan Shot Dead By Police August 2011

Victim(?): Mark Duggan, shot by police in Ferry Lane, Tottenham

But wait. I saw the photo of Duggan in the article last night. The article was updated early this morning U.S. time, and it no longer has that photo. It also no longer has two or three photos of people in the street which gave the impression (not the certainty) that the rioters were black.

The word black only appears once in the updated article:

Officers from Trident, the police unit that deals with gun crime in the black community, had been attempting to arrest Mr Duggan when Thursday's shooting took place.

That's the way today's media deal with non-white crime. They don't come out and say that a riot by blacks was a riot by blacks. They give some indirect hint like the above.

The story gives a couple of other hints, such as this statement from Scotland Yard:

'We are aware of raised tensions in the community, which are understandable following the tragic death of Mark Duggan.'

"Raised tensions in the community" is a strong indication that this is about blacks, though it's not dispositive[positive].

Then there's this:

So far police have made 42 arrests in connection with the trouble, which flared after members of the community took to the streets last night to demand 'justice', after Mark Duggan, 29, was shot dead by police on Thursday.

"Members of the community" demanding "justice"? That's almost sure-fire code language for blacks. Here's another hint:

More than 100 officers and specialist riot police faced crowds of more than 500 people protesting about the death of Mr Duggan, who lived on the estate and was described last week by police sources as a 'gangster'.

"Gangster" meaning he belonged to a gang. Another almost sure-fire hint that he's black. But still not dispositive. But then there's something that is dispositive: [Picture Of Looted Store] Yep, that's what the members of the black "community" do when they're "outraged" by racial "injustice." They loot stores and steal TVs. Now we know for sure that it was a black riot.

Further, the black rioters didn't just burn building and loot stores, they attacked police (26 officers were injured), and they attacked civilians, who were most likely white:

Meanwhile, two 'Mail on Sunday' photographers were viciously beaten and robbed by masked youths armed with crowbars and other makeshift weapons and reporters on the scene were threatened by looters in balaclavas. The photographers said there was 'total lawlessness' in the area with the contents of shops strewn across the streets and the police unable to gain access.
One said:'It is utter carnage out there. We have been beaten up quite badly and had about £8,000 of equipment stolen. We were quite discreet but as soon as we got a camera out we were set on by youths with masks who were armed with crowbars.'

The Telegraph's story on the riot also avoids any direct indication of the rioters' race. Exactly like the Daily Mail, it prints the word "black" just once, in an indirect hint that this was a black riot:

Officers had been attempting to carry out an arrest under the Trident operational command unit, which deals with gun crime in the black community, according to the IPCC.