15yr Old Murders To Win A Bet
'Guilty: Boy killer called Psycho' (The Sun 28/7/2011)

He murdered his girl for a 'free breakfast'

A SCHOOLBOY who revelled in his nickname "Psycho" is seen grinning — after murdering his ex-girlfriend for a bet.

The family of Joshua Davies — who can now be pictured for the first time — gasped yesterday as he was convicted of smashing in the skull of Rebecca Aylward, 15.

A judge immediately lifted the anonymity granted to child offenders — ruling it in the public interest to expose the brute whose horrific crime won him a breakfast.

The lad — just 15 when he turned killer and now 16 — wept as he was remanded in custody by Mr Justice Lloyd Jones to be sentenced later.

He was told to expect an "indefinite" term.

The jury convicted him of murder by a majority verdict after hearing he texted a pal to ask: "What would you do if I actually did kill her?"

The chum mistook it for the latest in a long line of jokes the yob had made about murdering Rebecca — and replied: "Oh, I would buy you breakfast." The killer's friend even sent a later text, saying:, "I want all the details. You sadistic bastard. :)"

Missing Rebecca was found bludgeoned in a wood the day after strapping six-footer Davies and his pal enjoyed their meal in a local cafe.

The boy she adored had told her he wanted to rekindle their on-off romance. Thrilled GCSE student Rebecca got an aunt to drive her to the South Wales village of Aberkenfig, where he lived.

Davies took her into the woods and bludgeoned her with a rock the size of a rugby ball. He later crowed to friends: "I tried to break her neck. She was screaming so I picked up the rock. The worst part was feeling and seeing her skull give way."

Cheers and sobs erupted from Rebecca's grieving family — sitting just feet away from the killer's — as he was found guilty at Swansea Crown Court. Rebecca's mum Sonia, 39, smiled at the verdict.

The jury heard the lad was treated to his breakfast feast just before the murder — and told his chum as he left the cafe: "The time has come." After the killing he coolly watched TV at his aunt's house — tuning into the bloody thriller No Country For Old Men.

A pal of Rebecca's said:

"Everyone heard Josh had all these different ways he talked of killing her. No one thought he was serious, least of all Becca. She worshipped Josh."

The victim's family said after the verdict:

"Rebecca was killed in a senseless and barbaric act. She died at the hands of someone she loved and trusted."