14-Year-Old Boy Torments A Community
'Sigh Of Relief As Boy Jailed' The Gold Coast Bulletin March, 2000
Cited as another example of a child eroding public order

A COMMUNITY yesterday was given a three-month break from a 14-year-old "one boy crime wave" after he was sent to a secure unit for twice breaking a tough new law.

The youngster had an anti-social behaviour order imposed on him last December in an attempt to stop him re-offending ,but he breached it within 14 days.

Magistrates at Nottingham Youth Court earlier took the unusual step of making an order that Decland Madigan could be identified, saying it was in the public interest in what was an "exceptional case".

Madigan has been arrested more than 100 times and has in the region of 70 offences for crimes ranging from theft to dangerous driving since the age of 10. Police in the Bulwell area of Nottingham, where he lives, say the youngster is a "prolific offender" who has made the lives of residents a misery.

The majority of his crimes are vehicle-related but he also has offences for assault and racial harassment.

Despite the length of the order, Inspector Jeff Whitmore, of Bulwell police, said:

"We will have got respite for three months. Whenever he has been locked up we have witnessed a noticeable drop in crime. When he was out we got reports almost on a daily basis."

Madigan is among a small number of trouble-makers in the Bulwell area who police claim are a menace, stealing cars, joy-riding and harassing residents and shopkeepers.

The court was told that one offence in January related to when he again breached his anti-social behaviour order. He stole a Ford Escort XR3 which he was later seen driving, but after a police chase he crashed into a patrol car and fled.