Centre Needed For Out-Of-Control Pre-School Children
'UNTEACHABLES' by Kathleen Donaghey (Headlines The Sunday Mail 27/12/2009)

New centre to tame state's violent Prep students

OUT-OF-CONTROL students aged between four and six will be sent to Queensland's first Prep behaviour school.

The "early intervention" centre, to open on the Gold Coast in late January, follows an outcry from primary teachers fed up with being hit, kicked and sworn at.

Teachers want the initiative rolled out across Queensland to protect staff and other students and help stop angry children growing into dangerous teenagers and adults.

Education Queensland has confirmed the trial as a first for the state, saying principals would confer with parents and outside agencies before referring students.

Parents of children involved in the program will be encouraged to take part in life-skills training in recognition that behaviour problems often stem from trouble at home.