School Children Murder At School:During Morning Break
Boy dies after school brawl The Sunday Mail 30/8/2009

A VICIOUS schoolyard fight over lunch tables has ended in the death (unpunished) of a 15-year-old-student.

Jai Morcom suffered head injuries after he was allegedly knocked to the ground and savagely assaulted during the mid morning brawl [break] at Mullumbimby High School in northern NSW on Friday.

The Year 9 student was taken to the local hospital in a critical condition on Friday but was later transferred to the Gold Coast Hospital where he died yesterday, 24 hours after the attack.

Witnesses described it as a vicious and sustained attack on the teenager.

"We saw him on the ground and it was horrible. They just ran over the top of him when he was down and kept kicking him," a student said. "It was really scary and intense. It was completely out of control."