How To Get Fat And Unhealthy
The Experience Of My Wife by P Atkinson (27/5/2002)

How in 1999 my wife repeated the experience of William Banting in 1864

As my wife grew older she became fatter, and this was despite attempting the many and varied diets recommended by the media. As she approached obesity she determined to do the right thing and sought medical advice. She was directed to a dietician who prescribed a diet high in carbohydrates and fibre, and low in fat and protein, along with a regimen of regular physical exercise.

Exercise is difficult for my wife because she has been crippled since infancy by a surgical procedure undertaken to repair two clubfeet. That particular operation has now been abandoned as without benefit to the patient, but it has left my spouse unable to walk more than a block without severe pain. The only exercise she can indulge in is swimming, so regular sessions in her home pool accompanied the diet. Despite the swimming causing the painful condition known as 'Frozen Shoulder' and the unpalatable nature of the food, the patient stuck grimly to her prescribed program. She was rewarded by a slight drop in her body weight, but regardless of her perseverance her weight did not diminish further.

Questioned over this failure the expensive specialist claimed my wife was not exercising enough. This unsatisfactory state of affairs continued for some months until a friend advised my spouse of a new diet that had worked for her, despite the complete absence of exercise. This new diet contradicted popular medical opinion by prescribing a high protein and low carbohydrate diet— which was delicious. Desperate, my wife adopted the diet recommended in Slim Forever by Dr Robert Harris.

Immediately her weight began to drop, and within a short time she had lost Four Stones. The new tasty diet not only rescued her from being fat, but also from regular indigestion as well as restoring her complexion— her skin lost its dry aged look.

This improvement in my wife's health was matched by my own. By sharing her diet I lost over a stone in weight as well as my regular bouts of indigestion. My wife and I now feel in control of our weight and should indulgence raise it, by returning to the recommended diet of Dr Harris we can quickly lose the excess weight.