Chinese Goods May Be Poisonous Or Dangerous (2008)

News items about products made in China that confirm that Chinese manufacturers are indifferent to truth and safety.

October 2008 Tokyo (Agence France-Presse)—Packets of beans full of pesticide

September 2008 BEIJING (Reuters)— Chinese provinces have reported nearly 10,000 additional cases of children who have developed kidney illnesses after drinking toxic milk formula in recent days, local media reported on Friday.

The problem was confirmed to have spread to neighbouring Japan on Friday, when Marudai Food Co. said melamine had been found in some of its recalled products made with Chinese milk, including "Cream Panda" buns, which appeal to children.

Beijing continues to battle public alarm and international dismay after thousands of Chinese children were hospitalized, sick from milk formula tainted with melamine, a cheap industrial chemical that can be used to cheat quality checks. Four have died.

In Hong Kong, Heinz, the world's largest ketchup maker, recalled a batch of baby food due to trace levels of melamine.

Heinz said it was recalling one batch of only one variety of baby food as a precautionary measure and no other Heinz products were affected. Heinz's recalled product was made in China for distribution in China only, a company spokesman said.

Hong Kong's Center for Food Safety said apart from the Heinz product, a batch of crackers from another brand had been found to contain trace elements of melamine and shops had been asked to stop selling the products.

23 August 2007 "Made in China" Label Spurs Global Concern —Paul Mooney YaleGlobal
Reports early this year of dozens of deaths in Panama, after people used cold medicines containing diethylene glycol, improperly labeled as glycerin, from China. Then there was the news that pet food from China laced with melamine, a coal derivative, had sickened and killed thousands of pets, toy trains painted with lead-based paints, lethal antibiotics and car tires that burst. The list goes on.