Authors Listed Alphabetically (17/8/2014)

Addison 'Works '
Al-Bayati 'Works '
ArbuthnotPolitical Lying
ArmstrongGrey Steel ( J. C. Smuts)
AtkinsonA Study Of Our Decline
AustenFearsome Past of General Tilney
Bacon 'Works'
BartlettScience Fiction; Science Wish List
BateClassical Explained
Bayne-PowellTravellers In 18th Century England
Boswell 'Works'
BrookeJohn Betjeman; Ronald Firbank
Burke 'Works '
J. Butler 'Works'
S. Butler 'Works'
CatonThe AIDS Mirage
Chesterfield Affectation
Clarendon 'Works'
Cooray 'Works '
CorenBulletins Of Idi Amin
Cowley Of Myself; Of Solitude
CrabbePeter Grimes
DarwinDescent of Man
DaviesThomas De Quincey; Trollope
Defoe 'Works '
Dennis 'Works '
Dryden 'Works'
EmpiricusDo Good And Evil Exist?
ErasmusThe Praise Of Folly
EtheregeThe Man Of Mode
FaulknerPloughman's Folly
FestFace Of The Third Reich
Fielding 'Works'
FraserLawrence Durrell
Fowler BrosHow To Write Plain English
Gibbon 'Works '
Goldsmith 'Works '
Gowers 'Works'
HallamEnglish Constitution
Execution Of Charles I
Hazlitt 'Works'
HintonChange Of Gender & Beyond
HoraceArt of Poetry
HorneLiterature And Science
HudsonLewis Carroll
Hume 'Works'
HurdObjections To The Grand Tour
IdriessHorrie The Wog-Dog
JamesThe Bostonians
JennerVariola Vaccinae
JepsonClear Thinking
Johnson 'Works'
Lamb Imperfect Sympathies
LaneThe Girl In The Lagoon
LemonThe Jest Book
Lucian Hermotimus
Lucretius De Rerum Natura
MackarnessEat Fat And Grow Slim
MadsengPatchwork Yokohama
MillOn Liberty
NagelSomething Weird
OrwellPolitics And Language
Inside The Whale
OwensEnding the Race Crisis
PatrickSir Francis Bacon
Plato 'The Symposium'
Pope 'Works'
RaleighWorldly Wisdom
Ransford The Great Trek
Ruskin 'Works'
SimmonsIntroduction To Tolstoy
SmollettFortune Hunter Troubles
SolomonThe Exercise Myth
SterneWar On Two Fronts
StoneAsk Me About Saturdays
Swift 'Works'
SwinnertonArnold Bennet
Tacitus 'Works'
TaylorSex In History
TilleyThe Essay
TylerFor Boys And Girls
WarnerThe Greek Philosophers
WilleyButler As A Moralist
WilmotA Satyr Against Mankind