A Traditional Community Waxes
From 'A Study of Our Decline' by P Atkinson (18-May-20)

Most citizens ready to sacrifice their own welfare for the welfare of others thus creating a virtuous society.

Traditional Rule
When the majority of citizens revere their society and its traditions, they become unified and able to act like a single sensible creature. This is because tradition:

So winning a sensible ordered society with

A Tradition Loving Community Waxes
The community will wax as the energy and determination driving the society is fuelled by the voluntary self-sacrifice of citizens.

Growth of Knowledge
Dutiful citizens are able to accumulate knowledge, which is the observation of cause and effect independent of their personal fears and fancies, so creating science.

Increasing Order
The order won by tradition informed by developing science allow increasing refinement of:

Increasing Power
The improved organisation and use of technology inevitably bestow increasing power on the society, which ultimately translates into increasing ease and convenience.