The Greenpeace Lies About GM Foods
Letters To The Editor The Courier-Mail, 16/2/2005

Ed Newbigin, School of Botany, University of Melbourne, Victoria.

Greenpeace's Jeremy Tager (Letters, Feb 15) refers to the myths of the genetic engineering industry, but then produces his own myth by saying that animals that eat GE [Genetically Engineered] food "frequently show serious effects". Wrong. Numerous studies attest to the fact that animals that eat GE food as part of a normal diet do as well as animals that eat conventional food. Greenpeace does the community a great disservice by spreading such myths.

Tony Coulepis, executive director, AusBiotech, Richmond, Victoria

Greenpeace will lose any claim to represent consumers if it continues to misinform them. GM [Genetically Modified] crops and foods, derived from biotechnology, are the most rigorously tested foods in history. Any GM crop on the market, and many have been available for 10 years, has been shown by independent government regulators to be safe for animals and humans alike.