Responses in 2010
To A Study Of Our Decline



Pegleg Pete — a.k.a Blue Heeler

Kudos — So glad I stumbled onto your site. I — a 1952 vintage — have reached many of the same conclusions you have and it would appear we have had pretty similar life experiences. Thanks so much for taking the time to write... It has encouraged me no end!


Ben Caffarel

Novelization — Dear Mr. Atkinson, I have been reading your website for about a year now, and I love the ideas- but I've tried to share the site with others, and they don't seem interested, so I've decided to try to encapsulate your theories in a novel/graphic novel. The basic plot is that two characters are traveling through a land and each city or region demonstrates one point of your theory. I was wondering where you would start with this, and if you had any suggestions about the organization of it.



Stephen Cooper

Brilliant! — Dear Mr. Atkinson, I discovered your writings while looking up crime statistics as related to Black on White crime. I would like to thank you for confirming some of my observations, as it relates to the state of our western civilization.
May I say that you are both brilliant and fearless in your observations? Indeed you are both.
Such is the state of political correctness here in the U.S., that I am finding it more and more difficult to express my opinions in "polite company" lest I be branded as some sort of "old crank", or worse yet, a racist, which is literally a crime worse than murder here in the U.S.
I am 60 years old and recently quit my job with a large multi-national corporation, simply because I found it impossible to function within the framework of insanity that I had to deal with. Your philosophy I find, exactly coincides with my own, although I lack your brilliant ability to state it in such a coherent manner. Your breadth of research and grasp of the nature of our present situation is truly remarkable. I will continue to explore your work with great interest.



Camilo Buitrago (Colombian)

Hello Phillip, I have been reading your book online, I'm very happy to find this kind of information, as it is something I have been thinking about and that you talk in a very clear way.
I can understand what is happening in our society today, what I have noticed mainly is that most people are not willing to take responsibility of their actions, they are not willing to be honest, to tell the truth to themselves and this is continuously taking us in a decline.
What you say about morality is totally true, there's no a clear understanding of what morality is, why is it good for us as a society and why it is so important.
Our society values are mostly rotten and now have been changing the new generations, not leaving a place for changing the evolution of communities to a positive and altruistic unselfish nature.
Anyway, as I have concluded some of the same things you are writing, I think that is not as negative to say that there's no way back.
The way is a return to morality which comes from observation, observation of ones own nature and the laws of nature which apply in each one of us. Understanding by the own experience how wisdom works and why is good for us.
I found this answer in this short article which I invite you to read:
So I think there's a hope, and is based in morality, control over the mind and wisdom... all helping to eradicate selfishness from the core. I'm talking you from my own experience.
Thanks for sharing your observations in this amazing book.



Greg (Canberra)

Greetings and thanks — Dear Mr Atkinson,I discovered some of your sites some time ago but tonight with a little more time and while doing some research to mould a response to a letter attacking me in a newspaper, I found even more of your links.
I wish therefore to thank you for all the thought, work and care you have put into web pages. Most of your interests coincide with mine and I look forward to any further links and contributions you add.
I have read your biography and was impressed by your experiences and that your wife has allowed you the opportunity to develop you internet work. As a beneficiary of your work, may I thank her.
As for me I am a retired Commonwealth public servant after almost 20 years in the Prime minister's department in Canberra. I take an interest in very many things including the politics of the day -- even the childish election campaigns that are running now. Best wishes,



Dag J. Melhuus (Norway)

Thank You — I would just like to thank you for publishing your thoughts. I am very thankful for being able to get this knowledge relatively early in my life. Your work is clearing my head as i read it, it is a lucid explanation of the world — something that everyone needs. I keep very few books - "A Study Of Our Decline" will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you again



Yaroslav Fanelsa

from Russia, with love — Dear Philipp, I love your theory indeed. The things here in Russia are generally same as in the West but much, much worse. In 18th and 19th cc., this country was strongly influenced by the West and made progress. But in 20th c., as the West started to corrupt itself, the trend got negative here, too. Not that it was that dangerous to live here ... but very disgusting. Respect,



Mr. Stenner

Good evening! I have been reading your theory of civilisation's collapse and have found it to be very truthful, I, like you, have found that as I have become more aware of the creeping senility, the more alienated I have become. I have found temporary peace in an Amish community (Darvell, Robertsbridge) that has just gone off grid as a response - do you think these simple folk have the right response? - I would be genuinely interested in your views. Kind regards



Margaret Napier

fascinating site — You have beautifully articulated what I have experienced myself. Both with my corporate career (I was the highest achiever who got laid off) Neighborhood cliques ( a bunch a women tried to destroy me, and upon reflection I realized I was from wealth, they were not, I was educated, they were not, I had a history of high achievement which they did not....) Immigration destroying the fabric of our great country..the United States is being destroyed from within!!! It has created great misery for me here. The Mexicans, Indians, and Eastern Europeans have come here to grab, steal and infiltrate our once great nation. They don't want to become part of what is/was great but want to take with a vengeance. I am horrified to see and live through this horrific time. And sadly have been victimized by these predators with no morals or integrity....
Keep up the good work, you are a wonderful writer and philosopher, nice to know I am not the only one who sees the situation this way. It is highly unpopular and people to not want to realize the truth!!!! God Bless,



Fernando Castañeda (Spain).

Thank you for your site — I found your site two years ago and I return from time to time to re-read it and any time I find it more up to date. Time is making you right by the month. What Iike best of your text is that those people around the world who are seeing what you describe happen can find here the relief of knowing that they are not the only ones to see where our civilization is going. I think that people who think against the official, politically correct truth are quiet isolated and your page gives us a link. May be you could add a forum so we talk to each other (and if you allow to you). What scares me most of the current western world is the fact that I have a nine years old daughter and Spain is in front line of both the selfish citizen and the barbarian onslaught. Thank you again and greetings



Adrian Sabre

Words of Encouragement —Dear Mr. Atkinson, Thank you for material you have put on the internet on the decline of civilization, the signs, how to think about and respond to it. The various aspects of your analysis and exposition I am only beginning to consider, but I can see already I am going to increase understanding of certain specifics, at least, through your studies, as I see apparent reflection of C.H. Douglas's insights (re the "dole"), and was glad to come across the authoritative, and I suspect accurate insights re "AIDS." Look forward to further reading, and anticipate writing at greater length, (at least after setting up my website, researching for which takes my free time now), when your website will be one I expect I'd like to link to, should you allow it.




Technology making it worse — I absolutely loved your site. You said all the things I wanted to say, but did not know how to say it. I have a print of your philosophy "technology making it worse" in my desk draw. It helps me to understand what I feel, the isolation, the frustration, the stagnation, the emptiness and why unemployment is so high. Unemployment is high because we have been replaced by machines and the average person can't figure it out. They think "things" are going to get better. At 57, thank God I'm coming down the home stretch and won't be around to see the end results of "technology" I can actually say that it ruined by life. Thank you again and God bless.




I have very much enjoyed reading your website, the philosophy, and how you have conveyed such a complex phenomenon in such clear prose.

I have therefore ordered a copy of your book, as I believe that genuine deep thinkers, authors and artists need to be supported. They are a society's "canaries in the coal mine". Unfortunately too much of what passes for thought and art today is adulterated by "fad", "cult of celebrity", "disinformation" and "the lowest common denominator". I will keep your book with others I have collected in my library to help carry "the Light during the times of Darkness".