Responses in 2016
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson



Paul Marsh

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I stumbled upon your web site when doing a search on "what motivates people to become socialists." I have only scratched the surface of the content on your site, but I am amazed at how much in sync we appear to be. I have often described myself as a long term optimist, but short term pessimist. I am deeply concerned about the future of America and find it more and more difficult to see an ability of this country to end the decline it's in. The long term optimism is slowly turning into a belief in the inevitable decline of the United States. To be very clear, my personal feeling is that the inexorable shift toward socialism in this country is the immediate source of the decline. The longer term issue is that the left, which harbors the socialist view, owns our public education (read "indoctrination") system, they own the media, both news and entertainment, and they own the judiciary (read "legislation from the bench"). How can this mold be broken? Of course, the election of Donald Trump is something of a reaction to this trend, but I fear a populist is not the answer.
Regarding our being in sync, the more I look into socialism, the harder I find it to understand why apparently intelligent people choose that philosophy, hence the reason for my internet search. It's not just socialism, but the blind acceptance of political correctness, open borders, all things being racist, etc., etc. Maybe there is a certain mass insanity settling in.
I am not prepared to accept that all is lost, and I won't live to find out anyway. I do fear for the future of my children and grandchildren, but I will try to hold on to that long term optimism and will pray for sanity to return. — Sincerely,




Mr. Atkinson — I'm a frequent reader of your web site. Today I came across the following, which seems in harmony with your ideas: Perhaps the observation will be of interest to you
"... when your civilization is collapsing, civilized people become a liability" see
I hope you keep thinking and writing. I am very grateful for your ideas. Best regards,



Michael Munro

Hello, I've been a long time fan of your website. I've found it very informative and also thought provoking. For a long time now, I've been "riding the tiger," as Evola said. Civilization may be lost, but I don't have to be. I better myself and look out for loved ones, that I/we can endure the decline of our present civilization. Your words,
"Life is for living, and despite the ever-present growing shadow of decline, citizens should enjoy those fruits of civilisation that are still available,"
really spoke to me, as I try to enjoy my life as much as I can. I enjoy literature, music, the products of our ancestors and contemporaries. You can only be so pessimistic before it eats away at you, I feel, and as much as it tends to eat away at me, I'd rather enjoy life as much as I can.
You never know when the shit will hit the fan, as they say. I've long made my peace, though, with it all. Like you said, it's futile to attempt to stem the decline. Rather, like Thoreau, I find myself looking for my own Walden; with simple living and good literature/music at my reach, who needs anything else, right? I also enjoy the "library" section on your website. So many great pieces of literature! It's really great to see a fellow avid fan of literature compiling such a fine library. I've been doing that myself with paper books — I still prefer them over e-books — and I hope to treasure them all as long as I live.
Sorry if this sounds too much like rambling, but honestly your website has inspired me for years, and I'm just in eternal gratitude for everything you've put up on it.
Thank you so much and take care. Sincerely,