Why I am the First Philosopher
From A Study of Our Decline by P Atkinson (10/10/2013)

To know who is a philosopher, you must be able to say what philosophy is. The lack of a useful definition of philosophy has meant philosophy is useless, for no-one can say what philosophy is, or is not, so no-one can say who is, or is not, a philosopher.

To be a philosopher is to realise that Philosophy is the pursuit of Truth and that Truth exists only as the beliefs of an understanding, so Philosophy must be 'The study of how understanding creates beliefs' or 'The Study of How truth is Created'. To study understanding demands knowing what understanding is, how it works and the ramifications of this process; hence, a philosopher is someone who knows how understanding creates truth and studies this effect: a realisation that immediately makes philosophy useful. And one of the first uses is to reveal that there have been no philosophers prior to my definition. Hence, I must be the FIRST PHILOSOPHER.