Responses in 2002
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson



Fred Church (

Mr. Atkinson I have found your study to be informative, but online reading is somewhat cumbersome to me, is there any way to get a hardcopy of your observations?


Jamie Bowman (

Dear Philip, I am a 43 year old businessman, who works from home, and with my wife and 4 kids. And love my life. I have found your work thus far lucid, rational and consistent. It appears systematic, well researched and lacking obvious agenda's and bias. Indeed consistent with my own Biblical Worldview. Something rarely encountered in comtemporary Christian thinking, of which I am one.
And I want to congratulate you on it.
Regards Jamie Bowman,Mitcham Melb.
PS are you familiar with Rushdoony's work "Law and Liberty", or Dennis Peacocke's material?


Jamie Bowman ( I found your essays interesting reading. Would you have an essay that critiques feminism and its part in the decline of civilisation.


Volker Hildebrandt (

Hello: I admire your web documentary on Blacks . Living in America I am upset about how distortedly race behaviour is being reported in USA. Keep up your good work!


It was nice to read



Dave Weston ( CDP,Reno, Nevada, USA

Mr. Atkinson My compliments, sir, on your observations and comments. Thank you for taking your time to think and to write as you have.
As are you, many/most of the thoughtful, aware, perceptive men I meet are systems analysts, or, in some similar way, have successfully worked around computers.


Rod Smith (

Greetings Philip; A great web site, I've been over it several times, you succintly state what I've felt with out being able to define it, I mean I didn't see the rats around me, but I saw the droppings, if you know what I mean. You have a brash and effective writing style, with a touch of humour. I grew up in Sydney, but now live on the North Coast of NSW, I was in Sydney recently and it was really awful, it felt so different, it had lost it's raffishness, and sense of community, these had been replaced by a sense of property and capital gains madness. Units and cheaply built townhouses had mushroomed like skin cancer, and scout/brownie/community halls were derelict, or gone.
I would be interested to know when this rot really got underway, was it evident here when you first came to Oz, and are things the same, or not quite so bad in the UK/Europe as yet.? Once again, well done!


Michael Adam, Texas, USA (

Your site is now my home page. This is an outstanding look at our civilizations and the problems it faces. Thank you for your insight. You should publish this work. I plan on using it to teach my children.


Chee Song Chern (

Hi, I live in California. I read your website with utmost interest, admiration and curiosity. Your views are certainly thought provoking, insightful and sophisticated.
Hope you'll keep the website up, as long as possible, so that more people will get a chance to enjoy your work. Sincerely,


Samuel Owens (

Where can I buy this in a book? I love this site. May YHWH bless you!!



Mike Pappie — Worcester, MA USA (

Had a look at your web-site. Everything that you had listed with respect to the decline is of course taking place here in the United States with the same rapid speed. In your opinion does the proliferation and continued use and dependence on technology (specifically,..high tech) accelerate this decline? Sincerely and respectfully


August Beck (

All right; Hail to the webmaster! I'm a freshman in college living in San Francisco. The place doesn't challenge me much, and often my education is found by myself. Thus, I found your site (, is that "s" a reference or have I been spelling civilization wrong for years?) while browsing the multi-dimensional internet.
A lot of what you are saying in the various sections, sub sections and clarifying areas rings true. The problem I have is my critical nature, and generally skeptic approach to life. I may have missed the obvious (as I often do), but there is little in the way of proving all that you claim. I'm sure if I lived in these places it would all be obvious. I am a sheltered child, not by choice mind you, but by virtue of living in the United States. If you could just send me down the right path, be it a law library or some other web-address, I will be quite grateful.
A comment on organization of your website. Well, to be blunt it lacks it. Yes, if I looked hard enough everything is found but I am a patient man and most people (at least of my age group) are not. A simple fix our your index page would be plenty. I'm not talking jazzing the place up, just make a more defined outline look to everything, because that's the feel I got from reading. The site-map is great though! Perfect!
Something I hold dear is the concept of universal love. There is no reason I could imagine why any two people are incapable of getting along. The difficulties arise when you have 20,000 people on opposite sides. They refuse to recognize each other as "brothers / sisters" and rather as enemies, devoid of emotion and deserving of hate. I felt like all the talk on selfishness vs self-less-ness kept skimming this concept. Just my opinion, of course.
Umm... that's it for now. Thanks for reading, and thanks for putting together this very fine collection of writings.


D.R. Chance ( 2290 Serrano Road, San Bernardino, California USA 92405

I would very much like to purchase a copy of this entire dissertation if it is at all possible. It is somewhat difficult for me to read by jumping from one highlited text to the next in order to grasp all that you are saying.
For what it is worth I have a BA in Anthropology and a MA in Bioarchaeology. I find your work extremely interesting and mentaly stimulating. Sincerely, —Dane


Michael Merwitz (

I came across your site courtesy of that linked to it for your fine definition of P.C...
It's really all too sad that Western Civilization is not what I was brought up to believe and think of the nature of the world.
I am a "refugee" from South Africa, who escaped in the mid 1970's, and lived in Melbourne for the next 20 odd years. Your words and thesis describe exactly why I hve moved on again, this time to the United States.
Perhaps here, now, we can 'stop the rot'.



Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your treatise on Political Correctness....through the FoxNews link. Very succinct and thrifty. Well done!


Joseph L. Scott, Ph.D (

I discovered your site through the link on Fox News' homepage. Your truthful and insightful observations remind me of "The Closing of the American Mind", if I have that title right, by Bloomberg, if memory serves me. I will be back to your site again and recommend it to others. Thank you.


Sal Asselta San Diego, CA (

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I am almost dizzy from inhaling the fresh air provided by your site linked by Wemdy McElroy today on Fox
When I get the time, I am going to go back and read it slowly My only complaint is that you offer no way out of this predicament except on a personal level.
If only this were a war, I could sign up and do battle with others of like mind. Alas, it would be a very small band of brothers. Sincerly,


Raymond Dale (

Dear Philip,
I am very impressed with your insights. Hitler once said, "thank goodness for the government that the people don't think". Seems you are a rare thinker. A diamond amongst the dust and dirt of this world.I am just about to self publish a book of 10,000 mind expanding thought provoking insights to life, purpose and destiny. Many are on topics like yours
Hoping to hear from you


Mike Adler (Michael.Adler@DET.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL)

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I was very heartened to read your comments on Political Correctness: A breath of fresh air! I'm currently writing a book on factors contributing to the general -- and dismal -- lack of interest in history. One of my chapters, dealing with how language has historically been manipulated by tyrants (Hitler / Stalin) to deceive their own and other populations. Bringing the subject up to date, I, like you, hit on the present scourge of Political Correctness.
Which brings me to a question: Do you know where I might get my hands on a document of any kind (government or private) that "directs" the reader to use specific euphemisms instead of clear communication? I suspect many such documents exist -- I'm sure the ACLU has dozens of internal memoranda on what to say, when to say it, and when to blast someone for saying anything "offensively" different. Thanks, and all the best! Sincerely,


Christian Jørgensen,

Dear mr. Atkinson, You must excuse me if my English is not perfect, but it is not my native tongue. I just read your page and I must say:"Touch"! You really hit the spot. This "political correctnes" thing seems to seep like a virus through all of western culture. If you state opinions that are unpopular or unwelcome, you will be branded by the mob. This modern day Inquisition will not burn you at the stake(yet), but they will burn your views, your respectability and your status. They do this by slander, rumors and other means. Thank you for an eye-opening site. Yours sincerely,



Donald Holtzinger Walnutport, PA USA (

I recently stumbled upon your web site -- the manner of which is immaterial -- and was immediately intrigued and fascinated. Though I have only had time to read a small portion I can see it is clearly a well thought out and researched critique of the decline of Western civilization.
I have a department within TYSK, "Our Decaying Society" and have just now placed a prominent link to your site. Please visit
I look forward to further examining your theory.


Paul James (

Philip, Have hardly looked at what you have done yet. But enspired already Great, I am starting to write a book on friendship, might find some points in what you have been writing. Be interested to talk to you about your experiences. Regards


Gonzalo (

I agree with you in most of your work, except on the execution of the "mexican(or any) civil armies". It's not in our cultural values to do that, I think. Prison and forced works for some years should be sufficient.
If you want a good example of the decline of western civilization please take a look to my country situation. Please excuse my english, I'm argentinean.



Jeanette Salt (

Just a short note to say I'm am very grateful for your words. I believe a lot of what you say is powerfully true, it has certainly made me re-assess my way of thinking. Could you please tell me where I should start to make sense of our world? Can you recommend readings and how do I make sense of any of our legisation? Where do I start? Its' unfortunate that I don't understand some of what you say but at the same time I do understand a lot. Thank you


Dr. H. (

Tried to email you several times within the last couple of days, with no success. Have appreciated your site, though I have just begun to read these articles. One thing that concerns that few folks in America seem to be able to assemble a good English sentence...or to speaks same. I frequently see errors in spelling or usuage in news stories, articles, commercial signs, screenplays and teleplays. Not to speak of this horror, rap music..which is drawn from gang culture, is full of expletives, and--most of which--shows little in the way of creativity. I don't think the same was true of rock music (some exceptions, of course), e.g. I might mention that I have found most "punk music" to be pretty bad, too. Not a matter of taste, just colorless, tuneless, awful stuff. My best,


Blake Northrup ( — Houston, Texas

I just wanted to say that I love your article on the PC{BS}. I hope that you can spread this truth to the world. I sent a piece that you wrote about the decline of Russia to Bill O'Rielly in hopes that he will pass this on to the masses. Without pure & total freedom of speech we lose our true identity. Thank you again,


Don Reed ( Arlington, VA 22213 USA

Dear Philip, I just logged on to your website and find your issues pertinent to our times. Western civilization is in the death throes. I thought all the lunacy you were alluding to was just pertinent to America, but I guess the decline has found its way to Australia. Our culture is in a terrible state of rot. Nothing makes any logical sense any more.
Multiculturalism is destroying the USA. Now we are also witnessing rampant corporate corruption. If you get to the library, take out Robert H. Bork's: "Slouching towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline."
Keep in touch. Keep the faith. Sincerely,



Jason Church (

I totaly agree with everything you wrote on political correctness, i hate everything about it and hate anyone that tries to force it, i may only be 28 BUT I value old values of family and community but hate this new social cancer that give's some people more rights than others and only breeds resentment from those who do not benefit from this madness. Thank you for having the courage to write something about this.


Liz Bayly (

Found your site while researching Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech. I've printed off your essay on "political correctness" which I am looking forward to reading. I think I may be slightly older than you, judging by the short article about yourself, and don't I wish that I had done what you did years ago, emigrate. Alas, it's too late now! England is a sink and it's getting worse. I'll visit the site again, keep up the good work. Very best wishes, Liz


Clare Newman (

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Jason O'Brien (

I just stumbled on your site and I think you have many wonderful ideas. I am quite fascinated by your thought that most, if not all, of society's institutions destroy the genius and promote incompetence. I completely agree, but I had never thought of it as such a formal process or rule. I look forward to reading your entire site; I've only browsed it thus far. Have you read Nietzsche? Many parts of Thus Spake Zarathustra come to mind. It is truly hard to be smart and competent in a society run by fools. Nietzsche talks about the destruction of the higher man unlucky enough to exist today, stung all over by the stings of the poison-flies, the little people, who despise his superiority.


Jason O'Brien (

Hello Mr. Atkinson, I'm a recent high school graduate in the states, and I just stumbled upon your website. I must say that so far I'm very impressed. I was reading through 'The Role of Morality' in your 'A Study of Our Decline' online book, and I found what you were putting forth to make sense.
In the coming weeks I will be reading through your writings, and I'd just like to send a note to let you know that the youths of modern society can appreciate your work as well. Good job! Thank you,


Armando Bayraktari (

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I am impressed with your texts Re:'A Study of Our Decline' etc., that I have read on the Internet. It gives one hope that humanity is still surviving in the vortex of today's lack of culture, spirituality and wisdom. I myself am trying to preserve wisdom, if I may say so, with my art, as well as simply by my everyday relations with others.
One question has been coming back to my mind often: In human history; have wise and spiritualy awake people always been but a few? My very best wishes,