Responses in 2004
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson



Byron Holmes, Jr.

Greetings from the U.S.A. I would like to thank you for putting on-line such a valuable and thorough resource. The book, "Clear Thinking", which you put online, has been a big help to me in the last year. Even more valuable than these classics which you have so generously put online are your original articles, which serve a dual purpose for me: in the first place, you articulate so well many things that many people might think, or at least might approach in their mental meanderings, and secondly, you put the classic works in their proper contexts. Everyday that I spend in the University simply obviates the validity of what you maintain. Good stuff! Thanks.



Michael Serenity

Excellent work! Keep up the brilliant work, you have very elequently articulated the way I would describe our civilization today. You have no idea how much better I feel knowing that I am not alone or insane, someone out there really is aware of the truth. Thank you very much for creating this site and all the research you have done. I will be sharing your site with anyone & everyone. Our civilization is very ill, and needs our help and other people I think, inherently know it, but need a push in the right direction. Again thank you & God bless.



Adam Vance, Dallas Texas

This study is a God-send. It defines all the feelings that I have when it comes to our declining society that I haven't been able to define myself. It is depressing to see where we our headed but understanding the influences around us will empower us to provide our children with better tools to defend themselves from this decline. My sincerest gratitude to the author(s) of this study. It is truly brilliant.


Andrew F. DeMario

RE:Education In America — You work is excellent and right on the mark. I have two young children in school in the USA. I am frustrated that as a general rule teachers who are not responsible for "language arts" instruction will not correct my daughters' mistakes in punctuation and grammar. Even the "language arts" instructors are reluctant to do so. The response I have received when addressing that failure is that such correction will inhibit the children from writing because their self-esteem will be damaged. What a load of bull! As a consequence, it is only through my personal efforts (I insist my daughters allow me to review their papers before they turn them in) that my children are making any progress at all in those vital areas. In addition, as an employer I am constantly appalled by the inability of job applicants with secondary school educations to be able to put together a single coherent and error free sentence! This is, of course, a direct result of our present education system.



Mrs. V. K. Wakeman

Hello Philip, As one who has lived and worked in many continents (Africa, Asia, America, England and Australia) of the world, I have been shocked at the decline of our social infrastructure.

I am most impressed with your brilliant analysis and writings. The Self-Seeking Management of today has to be one of the worst calamities of the modern era. Having worked in the IT industry for 20 years now, I am about to embark on a new career. I started my working life in 1980, as a Graduate Engineer determined to use my knowledge and skills for the benefit of society. I had very little wisdom then. How wrong I was to think that conscientious hard work and creative problem solving were the main ingredients required to tackle the needs of human society! Thanks for sharing your experiences. — Best Regards


Anthony Maduekwe (PhD), Nigeria

I find your book very interesting for several reasons. Africa, the unfortunate continent has seen the impacts of the decline of the west more than any other place. Truth is thrown to the dogs, genocide can happen as long as it fits some political expediencies. African countries themselves as Nigeria appear to have been like meteorites. They flashed by and disappeared even before the people knew what it was all about. Corruption, loss of traditional values have all but totally destroyed the society. In fact right now there is a total confusion with people not knowing which way to follow anymore. This is reflected in the music culture where mindless hip-hop music clashes with more traditional forms to produce garbage.



J.D. Hall, Phoenix, AZ

Sir, I am a 53 yr old male. I have spent most of my adult life in the military. Happily I can say I have visited you beautiful country. That all said, I have to say after reading your article, I have seen the true light. In the past I have often tried to corilate what I knew of the civilization I knew and the roman civilization, why did it die, what did they do that set their decline in motion and then more importantly to me, have we made any of the same errors. Again, you have made it all too clear. I was told that each generation thinks we're going to hell in a hand basket. This only show how slow and devious it works. I have taken the liberty to post the url to your article. I happen to think that there is no more important document that exsist today then your work. Unless maybe the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I think, sir, you have the same wisdom and insight as those that forged those great documents. — Sincerly:


Joe Hurly, Sioux Falls, SD, USA

The symptoms you point out in Australia mirror those we have in the United States exactly. As one author put it (as regards political correctness), Political Correctness is not LIKE a state religion, it IS our state religion. You have a GREAT site. I will pass it on. If you'd like to read a succinct book on how the "Education" system in the United States has fomented this idiotic "group think" check out Robert Whitaker's book "Why Johnny Can't Think". It's a short read of about 200 pages but is right on the mark.



Ashley Reynolds

I have read your work with unprecendented interest and respect. Your lucid structure and insightful arguments are compelling as they are magnetic.

Thank you for having the motivation, courage, and generousity to share your writings here on the web. Warm Regards & Heartfelt Thanks




For several years I have found myself disapointed.. even depressed about the state of my life. See, when I was a youngster growing up in the 70's and 80's I was given every expectation that I was to grow up in 'The Future' where diseases would be cured, space flights would be routine and society would be full of efficiency and advanced 'trouble free' technology.

As the year 2000 came and went I began to deal with the depression that came as a result of unrealistic expectations. Not only were there no Hover-cars and self-cleaning pants — but I began to notice (but not explain) DEgeneration, LESS order, MORE beaurocracy and the phrase 'The rich get richer — the poor get poorer' actually become fulfilled in my daily life!

In Canada one of the most disturbing new trends is what can only be called 'Blatant refusal'. This is now so common its become expected from: ANY Government ministry, MOST corporations and just about ALL services. Example: You call to complain your Bank account had been mysteriously cancelled. The spokesperson simply agree's and then waits in silence (as if you were an idiot for stating the obvious and now wasting her time) You insist it be re-activated. Usually they agree, but will wait in silence as if you are holding them up. You ask aloud if they know why this happened or ...? They just explain no and then say goodbye.

Now Im not just 'ranting' about some bad experience — THAT is now a regular and common way of life here.

Honestly.. people have actually stopped pretending to be concerned with the needs of 'The Poors'. Now .. I have also been extremely concerned about how poor the poor are getting. Im one of them now! Its bizarre... we are watching ourselves actually slide back into the 1940's ... people are inventing ways to live without heat, cars and electricity...and these are people WITH JOBS paying OVEr minimum wage!

I thought I was going 'crazy' until I talked to an economics Professor at our local College. He explained and demonstrated that I was indeed earning approx 1/4 to 1/3 as much money as my Father did (doing the same jobs). There is NO 'catch' or 'mitigating factors' — Its a real economic truth. The only 'confusion' is that the Government spins elaborate figures of 'GDP' and 'Overall Income per Bracket' etc etc to confuse people into believing our daily lives are comparable.

Now.. Me and this other guy at work have begun a series of lunchbreak discussions in which we (and the 'listeners') are absolutely convinced beyond any doubt that we are beginning to see the beginnings of a rapid, rapid decline in Western society.

To put this in perspective — we have developed our own 'catchphrases' and describe our city as having two 'classes' — the 'poors' and the 'prudes'. It was just something we made up — BUT — whenever we use those terms NOWADAYS... anyone listening immediately nods their heads and somehow 'knows exactly' what we mean — no explanation required.

Even creepier... I made what I thought was going to be a shocking and 'outrageous' comment one day — I blurted out.. "There WILL be a terrible revolution in Canada in about 20 years... and I damm well hope so too"

Now you would think that would be scoffed at right?

NO!.. In fact, almost ANYONE I say that too will just automatically agree they have thought that exact same notion or theorised it themselves but never said it in public.

By sheer happenstance I came across your website after just such a discussion with a co-worker. Honestly — its like you found a 'straight-forward' way to systematically catalogue and explain almost EVERYTHING we had been speculating or suspecting for the last 4 years! In fact, I was SO AMAZED that I made a point of deliberately trying to find reasons to disagree with your studies.

I could barely find a handful of details I could quibble with.

My only hope... and its a very sincere heartfelt hope... People will consider these things and act now through benevolent and peaceful social changes. Otherwise.. in another 20-30 years — Things will reach some breaking point and we will see 'the poors' and 'the resistance' respond with something terrible and violent. (I would understand 'why' but wish we could do it right NOW and not 'break' later)

Amazing website.. Im sure it is technically a 'hate site' in Canada but Im glad to see it published online. Keep up the good work!



Jerry Ann Ward, Ph.D.

Oh, my God! I have feared for years the truth of what you say! My fears have been fully realized in your expression of the decline of society. Unfortunately, the prognosis is so grim as to be untenable. I shall simply have to live out my years without further fight to change an inexorable decline into chaos.

However, I SHALL give everyone I believe can understand your thesis (there are SOME of us out here) a copy of the URL for your work. The younger, the better. Perhaps, as Thomas Kuhn stated in a different context ("The Structure of Scientific Revolution"), the "old guard" will die out and a new, invigorated generation will arise to "save us from ourselves" as I would put it. Otherwise, my belief that my children should not have procreated has become truth! The life that my grandchildren must lead will be far worse than that of today's children.

You have done one thing for me with this explication--you have, perhaps, cured my fear of death--for anything is better than watching the progressive slide into community senility-on the other hand, the very nature of senility ensures that the victim will not recognize his state, doesn't it!

By the way, I work for a state government, a microcosm of the slime you so adroitly describe. — Sincerely


21 st

Jack A. Heape

I came across your website while researching the author Arnold Toynbee. What started as a quick glance at your writings became a fascination as I read for hours. While I disagree with some of the economic theories and postulations you and others put forward, on the whole I agree with your theories and conclusions.
I have printed out your book to send to friends, AND to make sure I have a copy in case for some reason, you are forced to remove them from the web.
The main question I am left with is, where do I go? A hundred years ago one could flee and start anew somewhere else. In the US we have a free state movement afoot where liberty loving individuals are moving to various declred states to escape tyranny. My choice will be to eventually leave the US. But where?

19 th

Dave Tamm

I appreciate the awakening thoughts in your work. I have linked the City of Hudson, Florida's website to so that my fellow townsfolk will be better exposed to your work. I hope and pray that this century does not see the end of us.



Thank you for making this such an interesting and thought provoking site. Easy to read, understand and implement relevant changes to ones life.