Responses in 2003
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson



Amis Walker

Thanks for developing such a great and thoughtful site. The theory of decline is thought provoking. It incorporates so much of what is happening in the U.S. and Europe, and seems well grounded in history. I especially appreciate the revision of Taylor's theory, since the critics find it easy to brush off the latter as outdated sexism. The key really is the duty and common values versus selfishness. The overall theory is a great and unique contribution to our collective understanding.

The online library is also great. It is wonderful to have the classics so accessible. Please create a few extra hours in the day so we can fit it all into. Thanks very much.


Ricky Moore

I am impressed by the content of your website. I also enjoy your writing. You have a systematic quality that reminds me of German authors, although not quite so obsessive-compulsive.

Thorough, to-the-point, blunt and practical.—Good job.


Ian Butler

hello, Philip, I feel I am addressing a fellow spirit. For the second time, I've encountered your pages on, and enjoyed agreeing with so many of your observations.

Like yourself, I've encountered bullying, & the usual sort of petty social ostracism and contumely experienced, possibly not so particularly in this country, by the egregious person. After 70 years of this, I am completely philosophical about it. However, being the father of a second batch of hatchlings, find myself in a life and death struggle now to prevent the unconscionable depredations of various bureaucrats, "educationists" etc. whilst work towards home-schooling, and complaints, if I am forced that far , to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

It is perhaps not any coincidence I find your pages again right at this moment, as the legal system reveals itself again to be a walking-dead institution of double-think, hypocrisy and perversion.

I assume, and hope, your status is to be as "free" as it is is possible to be in these times. You may be interested to gloss the pages of of which I am an associate and researcher. I may ask our webmaster to put a link to your pages on our site, if this is alright with you?..Y.s.



For many years I have had a hatred of Political Correctness and all the other garb dished out to us as a community. Actually, I thought I was a alone with this hatred so finding your site was great.

A neighbour and I have had huge discussions relating to many of the topics that you have studied.



Jim Reid

I applaud your efforts to turn the world around. I too believe that we have a short window of opportunity to turn this around. I am building contractor with a lot of common sense and believe that most politicians and elected officials lack common sense. I would like to solve the homeless problem in America by building housing. Check out my web site

Should I be elected mayor, I would like to invite you to San Francisco to help to begin to turn the city, the state and our country around. The world would follow America if we would just lead with enlightenment. Sincerely


LUis Rey Sanchez R

Dear Mr. Atkinson: I read recently your great article "The end of Western civilization", and I think it is excellent. You are very right, I live in Mexico and I am witness that it is really happening. Mexicans are the barbarians, uncivilized parasites invading USA with the purpose to destroy their civilization and impose Mexican culture. It is incredible how fool and stupids are Americans to tolerate this, since they have military power to prevent it. Americans are being too kind and they treat nicely to people that hate them. For example, I knew that Mr. Bill Gates now and then donates computers to Mexicans. He is so fool. Mexicans are using them to teach their children how to hate and destroy USA. Maybe some Mexicans will learn Chemistry and Microbiology to learn how to build weapons to kill American citizens.

Mr. Bush is a great friend of Mr. Fox, Mexican President, and he does not realize that Fox is only cheating him. Fox simulates to be a good friend of USA, but he only looks to be applauded by Mexicans getting an agreement to allow millions of Mexicans enter freely in USA.

Americans pay stupidly for free services (medical, educational, etc.) to illegal Mexican immigrants. Mexicans know that Americans are stupid, so they pretend to be very poor and ask for money and loans. In fact, Mexicans are rich. Many Mexicans politicians earn more money than Mr Blair and Bush, and that is considering only legal wages, because secretly, they get much more money, dirty way, corruptedly. When American tourists come to Mexico, they are cheated by Mexicans, whom charge them many services with over prices.

Americans should not come to a hostile country but they insist to come to give their money to Mexicans. Every time there is a conflict in the world and USA is involved, most Mexicans are wishing USA army to be the loser and killed by enemies. Mexicans support Afghanistan, Talibans, Bin Laden, and Sadam Hussein. Usually they demostrate their opinion, burning USA flags in front of American Embassy. ........... I hope you like these ideas, and if possible, I would like Mr. Tony Blair and Bush could know about my ideas. (by the way, I am not British or American). Thank you.


Miss C.M. Ross

Dear Mr. Atkinson, Thank you for your online book on the decline of civilization. I am reminded with sadness a newsreel depiction of Winston Churchill receiving a portrait of himself in the early 1950s. He made some truthful remark about the poor quality of the painting, and his remarks were met with hoots of derision by the younger audience, as if he were a doddering old fool.

I don't know if the envy of mankind has always prevented good leadership; it would seem so. Perhaps that is why the more talented strike out on their own, because they realize that their gifts are, for the most part, unwanted.

At any rate, I wonder if the only reason Churchill was permitted in office was that his talents were needed, and once they were no longer needed, he was booted out. Thanks for a good read.


Tim Houlihan, Kooskia, Idaho, USA

Bravo on your article about the invasion of the west. Now, what do you propose we do about it.



Dear Phil, What a brilliant article you wrote about Political Correctness! I agreed with every word you wrote. Is the article part of a printed book? I'm writing a book on how dating has changed in the last 50 years (political correctness is noted as the most recent phenomenon to contribute to this change), and would like to quote your work. Do you live in Australia?


Mike Frost

Philip, I am in the process of reading much of what is on your site and I am quite fascinated. At age 51, I see in words much of what I have been sensing for some time. I do, however, wish to understand the fatalistic attitude you display in Chapter 16. You wrote:

"Life is for living, and despite the ever-present growing shadow of decline, citizens should enjoy those fruits of civilization which are still available, rather than lament those that are lost."

It appears that you have concluded the inevitability of our decline and have not proposed a timeline. Be it that the end will be gradual, but its finality could be generations away, I fail to understand your premise for the above statement. "Live for today" may well have been the one phrase that has heralded our modern decline.

Would not this attitude, which is one of fatalism and hopelessness, hasten our decline? Does this attitude still allow us to enjoy the fruits of our culture and civilization or does it bring a feeling of despair down around us?

Is there no hope for us? Cannot our inate need for survival spur us to start replacing the guardrails of society that have been removed?

An epilogue to your book consisting of a proposed solution may only be an excersise in futility, however, it may allow many of us something to hold on to even if it is not feasible. If there is hope, there is life.


Amy Spanel Raleigh , Raleigh, NC, USA

Dear Mr. Atkinson: my appreciation for your courage is sent to you from The land Of PC: NCSU (North Carolina State University), UNC-Chapel Hill (University of North Carolina) and Duke University (in Durham, NC).

I only wish that we were colleagues. We could help defend each other's positions! It is regretful the hyper-high-tech industry forced you into early retirement, in 1991. An adult whom paid his dues for 20 years by doing work with computers, you accomplished without weapons of Academe!

It is hoped that you and your wife remain a stable couple. It is also hoped that there will be some profit to you from your truthful website. Please contact me to see whether we can do something about generating any profits from publishing the truth. Thank you for making simple a theory of DECLINE! Cordially,


Steven Pearce, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

Thank you for your webpage. It is interesting, though subjective and opinionated. I cannot, however, help from agreeing a great deal with you, being somewhat subjective and opinionated myself, and along the same lines as you, Sir.

I cannot help but agree with your synopsis, overall. Of course, you speak from greater experience than I - something that people do not value today in our short attention-span global village (I'm making myself sick now). Love Australia. Cheers,



Gary Mahalak

Poetic Justic, African Americans have experience 400 years of brutality and hell. Mr. Whitey instead of treating black folks as equals and with respect. You choose to open the door for Hspanics and Asians but i warn u the same door you open for them is the same door that will be used against u. Never in all the years of brutality and injustice have african americans burnt and desecrated the American Flag. Yet Castros criminals in Miami were quick to piss and burn this great flag over Elian Gonzalez. I have lived in California and Florida and see how Hispanics are slowly destroying the fabric of this society. But it's poetic justice what u do in live will come back to you.


Luc Bell

Really enjoy your work. Im from Detroit Michigan USA.
Going to print out your material and study it carefully to commit it to memory and allow integration.

Seems like the problems in Austrailia are the same as we have here. Cheers


Ben Graub

I read your essay on political in-correctness, and I must say it rings with enough truth to spurn a bit of feedback.

I am merely 31, but I know these words to be truth...

"I may not believe in what you say, but I will die for your right to do so."—Voltaire

That is the anti-PC state of mind. Amen!


Ben Graub, 8006 Zurich, Switzerland

Dear Mr. Atkison, I just got onto your website and was looking through your theory. As my knowledge about the variety of such theories and also my knowledge about your theory is not big enough, this is not at all an attempt to question your theory as whole.(which I might still do after I have been reading the whole theory and comments about it
There is just one thing that I would like to question right now:
Your argumentation that a decline in Military Spirit is solely motivated by emotions and is without any reason. The fact that the death penalty was abandoned is a sign of reason after all, since it is proven out of experience that the majority of crimes, that deserve the death penalty, is commited out of situation, in which the violater isnt aware of the penalty that will come on him, if it is capital punishment or not. And as such the death penalty does just minorily qualify as a mean of deterrence, which would lower the crime rate. It appears to me that it is the other way round, the death penalty is caused by emotions, specifically the emotion of revenge and not by reason.

I hope you dont think I really mean to critizise your theory which I do not do, but just to try to solve a problem in it which appeared to me. And as I said above,I havent really gotten into your theory yet, which might not qualify me for critizism anyways.

I hope you will reply my comment as I am very interested in your theory. Yours sincerely

P.S. Please excuse my mistakes in the English language because German is my native language and Im just a High School student


Igor Kropov

Sir, do you have it published as a book? I'd like to buy it.

Respectfully, Igor


Nik Schiffmann

Your essay on PC-ness: a great line about how they are the "spoilt children" of the WWII generation. I couldn't have said it better myself. Being a child of the spoilt party generation, I can speak on my parent's behalf in saying that a lifetime of selfishness and moral relativism has left them spiritually bankrupt. The selfish sixites. The selfish seventies. Fucking idiots. When's the last time my father did volunteer work? I don't think that's in his vocabulary. And of course, he thinks US actions in Iraq are wrong, because who are we to determine the leaders of other nations? Of course, that stupid idiot forgets that the US helped put Saddam in power in the first place....just one example of how people can distort reality to fit their bogus theories. People are sheep. Baaaaaahhhhh!! I wish my parents had a sense of responsibility, but they are more interested in going to the Ashram and getting enlightened. Enlightenment is the holy grail of the 60s

I could go on and on, but I suppose I should save it for my journal.



Jeff Wilhelm

I stumbled across your web site while looking for high fat diets. I can't wait to read the rest. Everything I've read so far I've agreed with, even though you are writing of conditions in Australia and I live in the United States.

I feel like the proverbial frog in the pot of water. I too am 55. Early in my life the water was cold and all seemed well. The water is now coming to a boil and I think it's too late to escape for all of us. We will end up cooked.

I will not go down without a fight, however.


Matt McKeen

I stumbled onto your sight quite by accident, but I have found it quite interesting so far. I was reading a Wilbur Smith novel which referred to Jan Smuts, as I had nothing else to do I looked it up on the internet and found his biography on your site. I read this through and began further explorations of your site. I am an ex-officer of the Canadian Air Force who became so disillusioned and bitter with the surrounding incompetence that I retreated to my former trade with the thought that maybe some day I would return to management. As I have now observed the management of a couple of the larger international companies, for which I have worked, is equally inept I am not sure if I should return to management or continue in my position of retreat, to a comfortable retirement. Anyway I am truly enjoying your site and will continue to explore. Thanks.


Victor Sklyarov

I found this site glimpsing references to George Orwell. All that I read here directly refers to my own country — Russia. I think you would be a success if you publish it in Russia. I share your attitude and estimates though I must be inattentive and couldn't see the way out of this senile situation. It is really world-wide.

Wishing you success and prosperity in this topsy-turvy world,


Albert Koestler Baptista (UNAM)

I would like to congraulate you for your theoretical views on the "decaying" society; I my self share some views. I'll be honest, I only gave a quick glance at your work; however, regarding the Mexican article... with all due respect: please study a bit of basic psychology and know your history. Have you read "The People's History of the United States"? Remember that history- like the one reflected on your article- is written by winners. You dare call a hungry, impoverished, [illigal] immigrant (from the poorest parts of whichever country the immigrant comes from) an invader? I myself have lived in Mexico and west Europe... these parts of world have a differentbn view of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

With such an informal "comment" of mine I do say: Be careful what you post; decadence comes from weakness, weakness comes from ignorance. Yours truly:


Dan Maher

I am amazed at the expierience that brought you to a childhood awareness of the influence and corruptive abilities of peer pressure. For amazingly I too share exactly the same circumstance in my youth that as well led me to that same epiphany. Not similar but exact!!
Upon further perusal of your text I find great comfort in knowing I am not alone in the realisation that it is important to be intensely vigilant as to the rearing of children ...
For I have had the great misfortune to have lost the war as to dealing with the "Enlightend" ones who think that "Feelings and esteem" are the overriding factors and reasonability and accountability are optional in life.

While I hate to be politically incorrect,it would seem that the emasculation of the western world, through browbeating ,guilt,.. and stresses that create absentee fathers.. Has given power to the gender that would, but for the rare exceptions, live by the directives of their hormonal influences..

I will be paying close attention to your efforts and find that your scientific approach to the status quo is indeed encouraging in this joke of a world of anarchy we dwell in.. With my deepest thanks..



Piotr Kopylowicz

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I am writing so to thank you for creating this website. I have only read certain sections of your online book, but agree with almost everything that you have written, even though I am currently living in America. Based on pure conjecture (having never been to Australia myself) I would probably say that the process of disintegration of more rapid in America then in Australia. The reason I say this is that America has no root with the past, while at least in name Australia has a link to the Crown and British History (even though there is likely a growing sentiment in the public to entirely repudiate this connection with the Crown).


Mark Thogersen

I honestly believe your view of this civilization's decline is all in your perception, as I have had these impressions as well and I believe they are based on the effects of personal perception change due to aging and a slight feeling of unfullfilment. Nothing more. Just look around you. Nothing is declining so much as just changing. It's through these changes that people realize what is necessary. This means that what is going on now is necessary and can not really be condemmed. The huge picture suggests a process beyond conception of which we are all involved and to form negative conclusions about it is a sure road to a miserable exsistence.

I hope you find your happiness. It is our natural tendency, you know. MY REPLY


Kearney Lykins

You are right on the money about the shallowness of the Toastmasters...I attended two meetings , thought about joining, but said, "no thanks." I'm glad I didn't....I had never considered any philisophical reason why they didn't appeal to me until now. Thanks.


Paul Connor

I am in my early 60s and have difficulty convincing people that my deep disaffection with contemporary decision making and the levels of official incompetence consequently exposed is anything other than a consequence of my age. However, I have become convinced, by several different indices, that my suspicions regarding the (lack of) quality of contemporary governance and decision-making in general, and yours, sir, as laid out on the Internet, are indeed valid.


Ray Gallagher

From what I have read of your work I am very impressed. I have downloaded much of it and will digest this soon. Most, if not all, contravenes the perverse material I absorbed at university and the school of social work.



Saul Pfeffer

I have just for the first time googled on to your site. I'm still reading but I can say for sure that you are gem, an unusual happening, a bijou and all that. I'll email again this evening and later tomorrow. I would like to hear from you with some comment on the Iraq war. I will let you in on my feeling later today. Best to you,


Andrew Wetzel

I found your web site very interesting and encouraging. I thought I was the only one who thought like that.Cheers,


John Max

Philip, most people do not fully understand the threat liberals and their ridiculous ways and ideas are destroying all that is good in the world and in America. They are more like a cult than a group! I commend your site and writings. Keep spreading the word, Max.


Diana Harper

Dear Sir, Your brief history and the subsequent pages are fascinating in that they are so exquisitely incisive concerning the present condition of our society. They are thoroughly and utterly negative without being even slightly vulgar. Bravo! Given your early social alienation I took everything you said with a pinch of salt because it was a little too predictable. On the other hand, my personal experience has been one of social alienation as well--for different reasons which drove me to leave the society and the land that I had learned to love and then absolutely hate. I now live in a community in Alaska which has been created and maintained by a group of Christians or rather believers. I am one of the creators--one of the co-laborers. There are a lot of people here who see things the way you see them but do not articulate them very often. Instead we are trying to live another way. I would like to invite you to come and see if we are succeeding as part of your allowance for vacations on a leisure class salary. I like your dad's style but I can see how it would have its difficulties in England. He had a lot of guts. Anyway my name is Diana and thank you for your writing. I like it...I'm not sure why yet but I know I'll let you know. Thanks again,


Steven F

Hi Philip, Like your site. Haven't read it all, but the noise issue stuff rings true for me — neighbourhood noise has been driving me batty for years. Moving doesn't help much. Had a similar experience: visiting my Mum in her unit in Queanbeyan I could only stay one night because the noise was killing me. She would not let me talk to her neighbours because she is afraid of violence — have to respect her wishes there. There is a new group and web page starting up for Australians concerned with noise issues. See:
My personal noise gripe page is:
Nice to see some acknowledgement of noise as a serious problem.


Max Freeman.

decline and fall. Dear Mr. Atkinson, I recently read your work on the decline of our society over the last fifty years, and may I say it is a great pleasure to find that I am not alone in my assesment of modern civilisation as inneffectual, womanly and corrupted.

It's a pleasure to have found your material. I would like to understand better your views on the individual's role in society and the feedback between person and civilisation. Please find the time to email me.



Spiro Dimolianis

Phillip, Hi. I'm just enjoying your site and articles. Have there been further developments.Regards



Patrick Grage Chicago, IL USA

Philip Atkinson, I have taken the time necessary to read your treatise thoroughly, and I have found your writing provocative and insightful. I have far too many comments to even attempt a discussion in this medium, but I would welcome the opportunity to discuss "A Study of Our Decline" in greater detail. A couple of friends talking over a beer... I might add that I an a Computer Systems Consultant (Oracle Corp.) in Chicago, and I felt as if I could have written the same passages concerning IT Management. Best Wishes!


Peter Nyman

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I was pleased to find a web site with many thougths I myself share with you. Now, being reading your material only for half an hour I nevertheless allready wish to say that I highly respect your work and your philosophy on the website.

I will come back and read more as soon as I have more time on my hand. However I would like to critizise the fact that you wish to have donations in order to be able to join the Ivory tower society. I was very pleased to find this type of Ivory Tower Society, but on the other hand very dissapointed when it seemed to me it's all for the sake of business, not moral. However, I will return to your inspiring site and read more and hopefully be able to meet some people who share the same ideas some other way,


Dave Laske

Dear Philip: While surfing the net for information on Alfred Rosenberg, I happened upon your most interesting "A Study of Our Civilization." While I have not had the opportunity to even adequately explore your writings (and hence ideas), I will at this time only state that just the sheer volume of your attempt is commendable. One of the nice things about the internet is the opportunity to "meet" people around the world who share a modicum of intelligence and intellectuality regardless of whether one agrees with another nor not; so much of what is written is mere pablum for the willing and docile sheep who have an "equal vote" at the polls.

I live in Chicago (and no, we don't carry guns to protect against attacks by Al Capone and the Mob...we carry them to protect ourselves against fellow inhabitants of criminal intent), born in 1945, educated and generally employed in schools and colleges. Have several university degrees, recognized criminologist, blah-blah-blah-blah. Raised in and by a loving, working class family of primarily Polish descent (some Irish and German genes floating around in my protoplasm), avid reader....and always a thinker and evaluator.

I enjoy exploring ideas about "civilization" and "culture" but from an evolutionary, non-theological prospective. Attended Catholic schools, spent some time in a minor seminary (Claretian Fathers...appropriately called I believe because of the priests' affinitity for spiritus fermentus), but now a fully fledged, practicing atheist. Definitely a right-winger, capitalist, libertarian, anti-Zionist, etc., etc., etc.

Well.....I look forward to reading and thinking about your works, and if you don't object....responding to your thoughts. If your object to, or tire of, any of my infrequent emails, just ignore them or write back, "Hey, Mate! Shut the fuck up." Best wishes from Chicago, land of -2F temperatures,


Charles Jenkinson

Dear Sir, I've been reading your website and have been most impressed by your insight into the craziness of postmodern society. I happen to believe in absolute truth, such as when an apple falls from a tree, every time, it would hit you on the head if you stood underneath it. This is also the same with moral truth, though whilst I am a Christian, I would accept a plularistic ethics system. I have had lots of thoughts recently about the subject of 'Pride', and believe that C.S. Lewis (in Mere Christianity) gives a wonderful insight into the competitive nature of the human spirit. I have come up with a working (self-examining) definition of Pride:

'The problem and ultimate conclusion of trying to make the world a better place is that sooner or later, you are either sharply cut down, or put to death by your own beauty and greatness.' This really highlights the selfish nature of people, and the difficulty of striking a balance between 'I' and 'others' in interpersonal relationships. The absolute truth is that it is more joyous to consider others before yourself. A black and white illustration of this is when you are at deaths door, which would give you more satisfaction; to remind yourself of all the money and personal pleasure you enjoyed, or to think about the legacy you have passed on to your children. Yes, there are an infinite number of beautiful shades of grey in between these 2 extremes, but there is a hope, for a white that is whiter than white!...


Brook Russell

I must say that your essay is a affirmation of my own thoughts. I am 25 years old, working in an office soon to leave and begin my effort to change the face of humanity. I live in Atlata Georgia an just wanted you to know that i will strive to preserve the true human spirit know matter how many of societies walls I may be forced to demolish! We are at a turning point in history and i would love to communicate with you my ideas and perhaps listen to any feedback you may have as to how I should go about changing the world.