Responses in 2005
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson



Renita Driedger Ojai CA USA

Dear Philip, What you say about the nature of community is true. I am stunned at its truth and in awe of the power of your thinking. Well done, in my humble opinion. I am no intellectual, but I see a truth when I see it.

I am writing a masters thesis about the benefits of the community to the individual, based in positive psychology, which has proposed that a way to personal fulfillment is by joining an organization that helps others.

I have lived in an intentional community for 18 years in the 1970s and 1980s. I found that the personality of the community had much in common with the elements you have described. Like an individual, a community can be full of problems. Of course, their are communities that do not espouse violence, but service to others instead. Nonetheless, I believe that it would be useful for everyone to be aware that the elements you express exist everywhere in some way. In this way we may be wiser about our involvements and what to expect.

The definitions you gave for communal understanding which is expressed and refined by conversation were extremely helpful to me and have provided a clear picture of what a community is.

Another important truth is that of the closed-mindedness of a community to personal expressions of the truth. How these may be ignored at best or persecuted at worst. These ideas are very helpful to me in my research for a foundation by which to understand what makes a community. If I may use you as a reference for this definition it would be appreciated. Thank you for your work,



Chris Cha student

Your writing is a wake-up call. I am one of those fools, fearful of my own incompetence and the dangers that I will bring to innocent people - whether in software development or in raising up my future children. I do not wish to contribute to a declining civilization, and although there is only futility in lighting a candle in the maw of darkness I find that your writings are a comfort.

This is one of those rare sites where the text is far more important than the visual effects. Here I can surround myself with thoughts and contemplate. Here I may find some kindred ideas on what is good, and on the sort of life worth living.

Thank you for writing this site. It is a gold mine.


William Steinmann Kentucky, USA

I stumbled across your website quite some time ago. I was intrigued, became addicted and immersed myself in your writings for hours at a time. Reading it for the first time was like having an epiphany. Everything was clear for the first time.

You're theories cannot be denied. Everything fits into place and is easily understood by even the most common man. I have passed on the address of your website to anyone who shows even the slightest sign of thinking along the same lines as those who agree with your writings.

Many people agree with what you write, but either are not brave enough to say it in public (the thought police are not a joke anymore.... they do arrest and charge people for saying the wrong things), or are not as eloquent as you and do not know how to put what they are feeling into words. I am firmly convinced that there will be a major upheaval in the US (if not another full-blown Civil War) sometime in the next 20-25 years. All the signs are there, and now it's just a matter of waiting and preparing.

I am reminded of Ausonius. When confronted by a friend with the probability of Rome's downfall and destruction, he replied: "Of course it is. But there is still time to live well." Sincerely,


Matthew Williamson Brisbane

I'd like to thank you for the compilation of enlightened and truthful articles on this site. As a young Australian (18) I'm deeply worried about the future of my civilisation and it's unfortunate decline. I only hope more people read this, heed it's warnings and get their act into gear. Keep up the good work,



Barry Widnes, Cheshire

An amazing piece of work that has given answers to questions that have troubled me for years. Thank you so much.


Colette Gregory

totally agree with your comments on political correctness. It's going mad in the UK at the moment. The weather forecasters won't even tell us when it's going to be bad weather anymore, for fear of upsetting people. (Mentioned on the BBC News 2 or 3 days ago) I don't want to be told that it is going to be cloudy with light winds, when it's going to be gale force and peeing down......Regards.


Barbara Maloney

Thanks for your site defining civilization. I teach a special education class and I'm using your page as a resource.


Mr. Athan Tsakonas Granbury, Texas, U.S.A.

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I wanted to write and tell you thank-you for you work, "A Study of Our Decline." You have summed up eloquently all that I have thought for quite some time yet was unable to express. How is it that this is not published? If it is, I would love to obtain hundreds and pass them out en masse. Someone needs to be sounding the sirens. Again, I thank-you for your time and effort. Regards,



Jim Price Paris, Texas USA

Philip, I appreciate your thoughts and your generosity in making them available. I especially liked your definition of evil as "that which weakens community".

I'm 62 years old, an Anglican for 10 years, with previous pastoral experience in another denomination for 27 years before that. I teach Ethics and Moral Theology to those preparing for the diaconate. When I'm not acting priestly, I ride BMW motorcycles all over the USA, Canada and parts of Alaska.

Thanks again for your thoughts.


Randy Rinaldo

I appreciate your view and reasearch on the subject of our society. I has given me a clearer way of expressing my thoughts about my American Society through your interpretation. I don't have much formal education and have trouble expressing my thoughts. I see years of work here. The research and information in this study gives me a way to referance a multitude of Social Questions that I often ponder on. I hope you dont mind (as we here in Tennessee) that I have used some of your literature for (cut and paste) to express my views to many of my government officials here in the U.S. via email. We are going through a health care crises here in Tennessee. I have also hyperlinked within my emails to my legislatures your site. I have inserted into this a speech that I think you my be interested in. You may already be aware of this speech. Thanks




People are completely apathetic. It's true, and it's sad that people actively deny what's going on in our society. Your doing a good thing by having this sight up, it makes the rest of us good hearted, moral folks, not think were nuts. I see it everyday, and encounter it everyday. I don't know why other people don't talk about it. The meaness, the rudeness, and the general sence of the UNCIVILIZED attitude of people. People are completely apathetic. Thank You,



I'm a 24 year old female . I'm sure you'll find it very telling that what I said is coming from someone so young. My generation I believe, is one of the more disillusioned of the groups in society, and as a female, it's been especially hard. But I don't believe it should be, that's why I really appreciate sites like this. People should talk more, but as you say in your articles, you can really see the deterioration of that kind of social outcry, it's all so true. After sending my email, I explored you site more, and I just want to say how intelligently written it is, and how clearly stated all the facts were. I hope your not offended by religious statements, but some of the ideas in these articles are pretty Biblical. Concerning the Law. Morals, ethics, and values. Basic human kindness and regard. Discipline, is invaluable and the only thing that reaps reward in the end. In order for humanity to not self-destruct as a whole we must maintain these things. In order for people to be strong and sane, there must exist the notion of hope in their minds.Thank You,



Finbar Gallagher

With respect to the recent article by Philip Atkinson on political correctness, I entirely agree with his sentiments. Unreason and pious trash have been imposed on the public — dare the individual disagree. I wonder where it will end. It is a new and unbelievable tyranny on the freedom of thought and free expression— Regards,


Terry Lynn Tersak The Center for Children's Justice, Research Triangle Park NC USA

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I must agree with your position that

"any citizen who retains respect for the truth must become alienated from the majority of his fellow citizens because they hate the truth."

Being among those of us that do dare to say aloud that our modern law is tyranny, I see our courts have already collapsed under the weight of public preference over truth. We see today that child molesters and rapists will be freed with the minimal of time served, where a disenfranchised father can spent most of his adult life in prison for a debt of support for children he may not parent, which is also enforced by the courts.

A person I shared your site said, "It is difficult to decide which section of his writing makes most sense." To which I could only reply that the site itself is what is sensible. No single issue can be as damaging if the balance were not equally true as well.

Well done Mr. Atkinson. Your work is an inspiration to anyone that believes that truth is born of morality. All the Best,



Pastor Terence Stovell , Bermuda

Dear Mr Atkinson, My name is Terence Stovell and I am a christian Pastor in the Islands of Bermuda. I came upon your website and particularly "A Study of Our Decline" while searching for information on the Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon. I did take note that their was a response of silence from several institutions, including the church. While my response is not an official Church response, I would like to take an opportunity to commend you on an excellent piece of writing. I thought that your obsevations and perspectives were much so closer to the reality of our community than many other studies out their in this arena. The way in which you made manageable potentially cumbersome information makes this work a good read, not just for the intellectual, but also for the layman (in the everyday sense, not the While I would differ to some degree in regards to the thrust behind the deline, being that of a belief that it is spiritual forces, both good and evil, in an eternal battle, that lay hold of and influence the hearts of men, your study has been very enlightening and thought provoking. It has certainly contributed to the strengthening of my own faith, even if that was not the intent. I have even quoted from your writings, in a postive manner, in my sermons. Of course, giving credit the author.

If this study is in book form, I would sure like to know how I could obtain a copy. Thank you for the diligent time and effort that went into this study and I hope that many others will take advantage of its content.


Ian Skinner West London, U.K.

Inspirational! I return frequently and reread, and always take something away with me each time. Please keep it up, I'd miss the site very much.



Brian Manion

Enlightening. Brilliant. I know this sounds hubristic but I thought I was the only one think this way as well. I laud your courage and efforts to publish on this vital topic. Most people and my family think I am way to serious and drowning in potential. He is brilliant why doesnt he do something with be a doctor or an executive. And I cannot explain to them. Thanks. Do you have a hard copy available?



I am a female, of about the same age, and the same mindset and upbringing as yourself....however I've often wondered is it me and my inadequecies, or as I truly believe, is it the rest of civilization.....that is getting corrupted by an educational system perpetuated by whom? Also could you shed some light on where God may or may not play a role in all of this, that is if you have the time to respond to this particular email. If not take care..with the rest of your life. — My Reply



Wallace Goodwin

Mr. Atkinson, First of all, let me congratulate you on your work — never before have I seen the truth printed in such an easy to understand format. (that was not very well put) You work should be read by everybody who has ask 'what's going on'?.

I have been working on a community action site for the past year and a half and would like to put your work in my book shelf section, with your permission. It would be a link to your website.

Futhure [Further], you work is so important, if there is ever a chance that you might take down you site, I will put the entire site in the section memtioned above, on my server at not cost to you.


The site is a community centered site which has a link to every city and town in the United States. You can view the site at or Please let me know what you decide. Thank you again for you work and your consideration.


Luciana Cecille

Dear Mr. Atkinson, I am an opera singer and was doing research about Mozart's Magic Flute and that led me to read about the philosophers of the 18th century (i'm reading a book by Will Durant). And as I was reading that book I looked up the name Joseph Butler on the internet to get some more biographical information about him because his ideas resonated with me. And then I stumbled onto your site and I've literally been sitting at my computer for about 3 hours now reading all your thoughts. Thank you for your prespective on things. I appreciate your insight.