Responses in 2006
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson




Very Profound —I found your web site and find it very enlightening. I plan on studing it further and hope to be able to master its content.
Thank you for providing the truth to a world which has become barren and afraid of it.




Thank you for making it so clear, consized. It is frightening - but seems to be true (which is even more frightening) I've been thinking on this cultural decay-topic for some time, came up with some ideas, but kept saying no to my own conclusions, till now, when like R.W. Emerson said: "In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty" (the genious being your essay) Scary to see that there is not much to do but to build a small fortress around me and my family to protect them - temporarily only , until we all are forced to go back to the cultural level of our invaders — all in the name of equality. Too bad equality means the least common denominator, not the increasing of standards.... Invaders are breaking into my castle as we speak... shall I enjoy my last glass of wine before they reach my quarters and hang me... ? Or shall I cry out the truth — just to be hung by my own neighbors in the name of tolerance? Ok, i go, get the wine - and my grandfather's sword... I will use both - not that it would make any difference, but just for me. Like a wounded lyon facing the hunters chasing him: I know. They are a mob, so they won't know my reasons — but their leaders will — so hope it will frighten them just a bit.



Abe Burnett

Well, I've read almost everything on your site. I appreciate the service you've done the community by making such a wealth of knowledge available. I've been accused before of being overly wordy: which I wasn't aware was actually a legitimate crime against society until I read your page on language. I've decided that your explanation of why clear, efficient expression is essential in language makes sense and have committed myself to more brevity. I've always felt that my wordiness was necessary to being utterly clear. That is not the case though, right? When four words will do as well as ten, stick with the four—seems to be your suggestion.

Thanks again for all your Noah-ish efforts!



Kim Jensen

Dear Phillip, I want to thank you for your brilliant work; everything you've said is true. We are quickly entering the dark ages. Sadly, history repeats itself (because few people learn it).

I live in Mexifornia and have recently taken up firearms training to protect myself from the marauding invaders. Best regards,




Dear Phillip, Nice writing about civilization. What then is the solution? From what I read I get the impression that its on a self-destruct path and nothing can be done. I assume then positive change will not occur unless some disater occurs— be it nuclear war, or a fully polluted and consumed planet, thus terminating the existance of the human organism? yours, — My Reply


Rocky Baer

Sir, The myth of global warming will be enhanced by current day temperature measurement equipment. No longer are mercurial thermometer used by the multitudes of Cooperative and professional weather collection devices. This observation based upon my own studies comparing old use systems (before decommisioning) and newer computerized systems. These studies were conducted at Savannah Georgia, USA and Yakatat Alaska, USA. Both studies resulted very similarly: an average daily temperature increase. Absolute daily maximums were 1.5 degrees cooler while absolute daily minimums were on the order of 3 degrees warmer using the newer ASOS systems; which have been installed thoughout the U.S. Instrumentation variations over the past 100+ years will be an important factor in furthering the myth of global warming.

I am a 32 year veteran of professional weather observing and weather forecasting. I was military (USAF) trained initially and later received my degree in Atmospheric Sciences. I retired from the Air Force over 10 years ago and have since worked for the Fed as a weather technician. Data collection and accuracy has been my forte all the while. I'm a respected weather forecaster as well. Weather forecasting IS NOT a exact science and highly doubtful that it ever will be. The potential variations are far too many. Closing your eyes and throwing a dart is more likely to be right-on target. Best Regards,



Joseph Chapman

Dear Mr. Atkinson, Thank you so much for your reply. To tell you the truth, I was flattered. I enjoy your writing so much I've become somewhat of a fan. I read your writings to my brother over the phone. (He doesn't have a computer.) He to enjoys it immensely.

I hope your move to the country is complete and now trouble free. I live in a small Dairy farm/Farming community just south of Bennington, Vermont in the northeastern U.S. North Pownal the name of my town. I come from a large family, youngest of 10. I'm 47. All military family, Dad's rules. We were taught that we owe a debt to this nation for being able to live free. So for the 5 boys in are family there was no need to make any plans after high school. We couldn't afford college in our family so the military was pretty much our extended education. My brother Robert served Viet Nam. I was a medic in The Air Force.

I can't tell you how disheartening it is to see what's happening to this once Great Nation. Almost everything I was taught in school is wrong now. What I was taught about the Iron Curtain is now here. I feel I can't even express my views in the local newspaper without being labeled a racist, bigoted redneck. This country just passed the 12 million mark for illegal aliens. There's 12 million people here that aren't supposed to be here and all anyone is worried about is that we don't call them illegal aliens but rather "undocumented workers". I'm sorry, I could get going and never stop with the problems this country now faces. It's almost endless now.

I'm not sure if you've heard this one or not, but the prestigis college, Yale University has the former spokesmen for The Taliban (Sayed Rahatullah Hashemi) enrolled as a student, in the name of diversity, but will not allow U.S Military recruiters on campus or for students to start their own ROTC Chapter. Yale has refused to answer any questions from the media as to it's insane position. Insanity!

Well Mr. Atkinson, Again, I'm sorry for getting started. I want to thank you again for responding to my letter. You are indeed a man of great intellect. Thanks again and take care. Best Regards,



Dr. James Brooks

Sir, What you have written, what you have understood and so wonderfully put into words, your perception of what has and is happening to the Western World, is profound and woefully accurate. However, it is surely better to understand the nature and reasons for the approaching demise of civilization than to be taken and destroyed unawares! Someone once gave me a copy of a song about those who mocked Noah for predicting the coming demise of their civilization. They song ended with drowning people realizing that Noah had been right. I also recall the analogy of the herd of ostriches who refused to believe that the noise they heard was a stampeding herd of elephants coming their way. They thereupon stuck their heads in the sand, and no seeing what was coming, were all trampled to death. I hope you have the time and the inclination to correspond, for I would dearly love to get to know you. I feel I already know you from what you have written, but I would like the opportunity to cor!respond and get to know you better.

There are a few of us sprinkled around this earth who see what you have seen, tho we have perhaps not been able to craft it into words the way you have. Thank you for what you have expounded and explained. I intend to share it with all of my friends who will listen.
Sincerely from the U.S. of A.



Marina Crawford Sweden

You are right on the mark. You have put into words the uneasy feeling I have had for the past 10 years that there is something sick with our society which is rotting from the inside out, the process accelerating month by month.

I like highlighting what I'm reading, so is there a book or pamphlet form of "A study of our Decline"? Or do I just need to print out all pages instead of sitting hours at my computer?


Bill Gibbons Calgary, Alberta

Hello, I am a Scottish immigrant living in Canada. I have been travelling to Africa for over 20 years and have witnessed first hand the awful slide of a continent that should be the richest in the world. Although Canadians are well-meaning people, they brand me as a racist when I speak of the decline of all African states as a result of black majority rule under military dictatorships and one-party states. Canadians are naive colonials who rarely travel further than Florida or Cuba. And yet so many here think Castro is some kind of hero and China is a "progressive" country. Sure, talk to my parents-in-law who fled Mao's rule. Their anti-Americanism is, I hope, coming to an end now that we have elected a Conservative government under the intelligent and thoughtful Stephen Harper. The 13 years I have spent here has been under the foppish, whining, self-praising "liberals" who publicly insulted the President of the United States, schmoozed with brutal dictators and confered Canadian citizenship on Nelson Mandela.

However, there are enough African immigrants and refugees here in Calgary, Alberta who will support my views. The white farmers expelled from Zimbabwe by barmy Bob are now transforming the economies of neighbouring African states - and comrade Bob wants them back! Tough luck. Funny isn't it when "racist" Ian Smith, the former Rhodesian prime minister gets more respect than Mugabe from the masses. Black policemen salute Robert Mugabe because they have to, but they salute Ian Smith because they want to.

I believe that there is enough good Africans who truly want to see their continent to prosper and provide a future for all African, regardless of their colour of skin. But will they ever get the opportunity to make a difference?

I truly hope and pray it is not too late for that beautiful and wonderour continent.


Alexander Lennox

I find what you write so easy to read and understand nothing of what you write goes over my head, and I can identify with some of the things that you touched upon, it has been a pleasure reading what you have to say... what can I say? you have hit the nail on the head every time.


Scott S. Brooks

I find this site to be facinating and very close to the truth. It's what most conservative talk show host talk of and moderates too. An excelent website and study of civilisation and what makes it tick. I'm going to prepare a presentation of this site to my local talk radio. Cheers