Responses in 2007
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson



Neil Johnson

Dear Phillip, —I've just read your interesting biographical essay which reminded me a bit of the life, or rather the death, of Socrates. He too was a vicitm of Political Correctness. Like you, I was born in the UK and emigrated to the Antipodes, to New Zealand in my case. I am currently working in the UAE which, despite its difficulties and limitations, cannot claim to suffer from PC. Is NZ the most politically correct nation on earth? How could we measure it? Certainly the university syndrome you mention is chronic in NZ. Thanks for posting your refreshing views. Yours sincerely,



Dear Mr. Atkinson,—Thank you ever so much for writing "A Study of Our Decline". Your insights and conclusions are refreshingly frank and ring true. In recent years I have come to love and revere the Truth. Your work is an island of solid ground in a world awash with deceit and delusions.

I do not want to seem presumptuous or be rude, but I thought that you may find intellectual reinforcement in the recent work of Professor David Sloan Wilson. He effectively illuminates the biologic roots of good and evil.

Best wishes to you, your loved ones and your community. Sincerely,



M. McCormick

Bravo! For your courage, honesty and resulting insight into the state of western society today.


Daniel from Florida, USA

Thank you so much for your site. I return to it from time to time to prove to myself I am not insane. I find myself wondering lately how it is that enough progress occured to even carry civilization as far as it has come... Over the past year I have had to heed your warning to resist urges to stop the decline many times due to outbursts of noise, indecency etc... I have increasingly had my fill of it and I am only thirty years old.

In any case, it is nice to see someone put together something that so crystal clearly and precisely echos so many of my own thoughts and sentiments. It is truly a pleasure and I wish you the best during these times. Sincerely,


Cathy Geever

Merry Christmas Dear Mr. Atkinson, After reading two of your cheery articles about our declining civilization ravaged by barbarian (i.e. Mexican or Arab) war bands (as predicted by the great historian Toynbee in 1952), all I can say is, "Merry Christmas". From having lived in Phoenix, Arizona, for 26 years, I personally lived among the Mexican war bands in neighborhoods that went from being prosperous and peaceful to being overrun by crime, drugs, welfare, prostitution, garbage in the streets, gangs, and shootings in broad daylight. I have since conversed with other recent refugees from Phoenix, who tell similar horror stories about the nightmare that Phoenix now is. We have a choice: either mobilize the US Army, or watch the southwestern United States be annexed to Mexico and ruled by armed, Mexican gangs and their Arab allies. — Merry Christmas


Jim Tomaszek Barrington, Illinois

I enjoy your entire website — especially the section on Silence. I forget who said it, but I agree that to remain silent makes us cowards. Alexander Solzhenitsyn said 'For a country to have a great writer is like having another government. That's why no regime has ever loved great writers, only minor ones.'

Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon your site. I really enjoy working my way through it — and it fits like a missing puzzle piece into what I struggle with. Your work has worth. And that is something that cannot be said about most things today. My thanks for your clarity and wisdom,



Peter from Bangkok

Heresy Prosecutions Signal Re-appearance of Inquisition in 21st Century
It's very good to find some more of your writing on the Internet. After reading everything on, I started a program on the Internet that repeatedly searches for your name and anything new you've written. Today found your new essay at Now a question for you, if I may. And, this is NOT a politically correct question. In that essay you mentioned three cases: Brad Love, Ernst Zundel, David Irving. All three are Caucasian, Christian or Jewish, men, is that correct? Is there any pattern there? Take away any one factor, and what would be the chances of interest from the new inquisition— in any similar situation?

I am a prime target for the new inquisition. Their attack on me would be inevitable; I just didn't know when or how. So I escaped as quickly as I could, as far away as possible.
I am a refugee from the new inquisition.


June Venable

The End Of Western Civilization An excellent article, Mr. Atkinson, and a chilling one. I believe it to be true and that's more the pity. I've often thought if this once-proud nation had to fall, may it be to a powerful enemy with a magnificient army. Instead, our leaders seem helpless against a tsunami of impoverished and poorly educated people who wreak havoc on our country and on its citizens. And they accomplish this be merely walking in armed with a misguided sense of entitlement that El Norte owes them a living. This is encouraged by our elected officials who sell us out. What is 30 pieces of silver worth on today's market, I wonder?

I have four little great-granddaughters, and my deepest sorrow is that they will never know the country in which I grew up. I try, in my own small way to help. I write, email and phone our leaders for whatever good it does. Probably none, but I want these beloved children to know that I tried.
Thank you for using a public forum and your talent to speak for the rest of us.

p.s. my fourth great-grandfather, at the age of 14, fought with the South Carolina Militia in The Revolutionary War. I don't think he would be happy that I have to "press one for English."


Dan Carlton

P.C. is running a muck in the U.S. and only getting stronger. I fear it'll be the downfall of my country within two more generations. Already in the present generation the schools aren't allowed to repremand students, parents are being arrested for disciplining children, we're forbidden to pay special attention to middle easterners boarding U.S. airplanes, you're labeled a bigot for favoring border security, and the list goes on. I've noticed a new ailment has become widespread in recent years called cigarrette allergies. Many non-smokers are suddenly, mysteriously allergic to smoke. Why was no one allergic to smoke 20+ years ago? (because it's a lie). Now the smoking restrictions are everywhere and it's getting to be that an average working guy can't afford to smoke due to taxes imposed on cigarretts. Sure, it's a bad habit, but shouldn't I have the freedom to choose smoking, or wearing my seatbelt, or a motorcycle helmet? God bless America (before it's too late).



Tami McDonald Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA.

Excellent Work I just discovered your philosophical works on the internet when I was researching the origins of this insanity that we call political correctness. Someone told me that the original use of the term "politically correct thought" came directly from Stalin and I was trying to find confirmation of it. While you didn't confirm it completely, you definitely showed that the original "idea" was alive and well there during his Reign of Terror.

I thank you for your excellent work!Best Regards,


Chris Jadhav

Wisdom Dear Mr Atkinson, Your study of our decline is just natural and marvelous. You seem to see clearly between the lines and surely a man of wisdom. You have actually expressed in word, what I have been thinking all the time but have not been able to put in word. People say Knowledge is Power but they fail to understand Wisdom is Supreme. It is because of the lack of Wisdom that our politicians cannot bring the elusive peace and prosperity to our troubled world. True wisdom can only come from above ie; GOD. I hope you will publish your articles in the daily newspapers as a series on Our Decline. With best wishes,



George Ochenge

I AGREE WITH YOU FULLY I found your website quite by accident, and after reading teh contents, I find myself agreeing fully with you in all aspects. I would like to buy the book, but I am not sure if there are any booksellers in Africa that would sell this very important text



Donald J.Organ 73 yrs.old.

Thank You so much for writing the Truth. It's so nice to read words that make sense.I find it difficult to read them in the Library of Congress! I also find that I have had the same feelings that you have so well, put on paper.

I am so discouraged with this once great Republic of U.S.A that I am working on my book to show the decline of the U.S. step by step compared to the fall of the Roman Empire. That's when I came across your wonderful work in search for reference. Thanks again for writing the Truth!!! As you can see I have used a statement from your Bio.It will be at the bottom of all my emails to the world! I hope you don't mind???

"the true nature of Universities have become obvious; they are no longer centers of learning pursuing truth, but centers of profit pursuing customers."— Philip Atkinson (Australia)

I I live in a small place in the road called Gulf Hammock, Florida. I have worked and traveled the world for 23yrs. My last assignment was Indonesia and Thailand.


David Hoover

I am a pilot instructor on the Falcon 2000 business jet in Dallas, Texas. I am 36 years old with a strong background in history and sociology. I found your work on the internet by mistake while gathering some facts about the lie of global warming. As a conservative man I am constantly bewildered and discouraged by the attitude, ignorance and evil that I see flourishing around me. I have been mourning the declining state of my country and the endless nonsense that is embraced by my fellow Americans.

I have been saying for some time that there must be something that I am missing...something that I do not understand about the way "liberals" think. How their thought process and memory work. They seem to have no grasp of reality or care about the impact of making choices without regard to what is right or wrong. Many of these people I knew to be rational and even educated.

I have only read a few pages of your work, but your theory makes more sense than any that I have been able to come up with myself . I knew that I did not understand, but could not explain what it was.

I intend to read the rest of your work and share your ideas ( let's see how many people welcome that. ha, ha) with others.

Thank you for your wisdom and insight. You have made clear to me a mystery that is perplexing and troubling. I may not have the power to change anything, but at least I am no longer ignorant. Keep up the good work and Right On!




Your Online book I found your book very interesting to read and could easily relate to the concepts that you were putting across. I found it to be a great analysis of the state of our present civilisation. I want to know more about you. How old are you, what country are you from, and what your profession is, andd anything else you wish to enlighten me with.

Apologies if you have included this somewhere in your book, however I have not had time to read it all as yet and have just focused on the chapters that jumped out at me the most from your contents page.

I am a psychology graduate from south london, england. I have no culture or religious beliefs. However, I consider myself to be a very avid truth seeker.

I would be honoured should you decide to respond to this message. Cheers