Responses in 2014
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson



Alex Cane

Impressed As a young man surrounded by a society that strikes me as absolutely abhorrent I take great pleasure in reading your writings. Politically incorrect as society would claim them to be, it has become increasingly apparent to myself that everything that you say is true. I do not remember how I first stumbled across your writings, but that I bookmarked them immediately and read through them slowly and carefully over the duration of a long time. If there was anything I disagreed with, I could not remember it.
I do not know if it is something that concerns this era alone, but I feel that stupidity ultimately prevails over intelligence via sheer force of numbers. I have convinced others to read various pages of your writing and they agree- but there is no particular enthusiasm for them to read of their own initiative. An intelligent mind will seek knowledge of its own initiative, and enjoys absorbing both facts and opinions. One of the most difficult things in expressing yourself, must be to get others to listen to you in the first place.
"Survival of the fittest" is a concept I am increasingly believing is false. If anything, it is quite the contrary. An example of this is the high birth rates of third-world nations- while the first-world is spiralling into negative population growth. If stupidity in fact prevails over intelligence in the long term, it can only mean one thing- the world regresses overall. I agree with your pessimistic opinion of democracy, I feel that because democracy empowers the "average person" who is devoid of intellectualism, it must therefore empower stupidity further.
It is a phenomena of sorts that exists in far more than just Australia. Immigration and liberalism in my opinion lead towards division- and yet these are being perceived as beneficial. The situation all around is insanity- and the most insane aspect is that very few can see it. It is as though the very "values" society has, are in fact the keys to its very destruction.
You are completely right about the concept of a new "Dark Age". If western society collapses, it is the end of civilisation for wherever else it may be. As rich as nations like Qatar may be, their artificial economy is entirely western dependent. Asian corporations create nothing more than poor copies of western products. If we were to decline, they will collapse with us. Low birth rates and high suicide rates reinforce my belief that these nations are already in decline. There is a general lack of innovation anywhere outside of society derived from Europe.
Morality has been thrown away both by the sheer level of atheism found in the west, but also by religion itself, as you had mentioned. The spirit of the age seems as though, to be "moral" is in fact to have no view of morality- almost anything goes. To be "immoral" is to criticize those who one perceives as having no morals (except the kinds that society deems as racist, etc.) It coincides with your writings about a society in which matriarchal views have gained prominence, and that ultimately matriarchal views are entirely nonsensical, but appear right to the masses who follow them as though righteous.
It may very well be, that civilisation as we know it may not persist any more than a few generations more, if not collapsing sooner. One only has to visit the local Centrelink branch or similar place in which society's worst congregate, for the strongest sense of that hopelessness- whether, the large number of non-whites in comparison to whites who use these services, or that the taxpayer end up paying for their parasitic lifestyles, or the ridiculous under-staffing. It all points in the same direction- downwards. The education system is much the same way, as a 19 year old I am confronted with it for my entire life so far. Most of the sensible people I have spoken to from around your age acknowledge the 1960s as the time when society began to noticeably commence decaying. Yet even your own generation is not devoid of fools. I cannot comprehend how people who have lived between 70-80 years are somehow content with all that things have shaped to be.
It is a great shame that what reads to me as truth would be perceived by the people of today as reactionary, dangerous material, and your claims about talent being rejected in favour of vile trash are only reinforced by the fact that your writings are not popular- while so much filth abounds on the internet, which is. Philosophy may not have won you popularity or wealth, the usual things desired by humans, but it is truly a remarkable achievement regardless.



Bill Allen

fascinating! thank you Dear Mr. Atkinson, I have found your site today and have been utterly fascinated by it! You have stated many things that I knew to be true, other things that I suspected to be true, and yet more that I hand not considered but agree must be true. Thank you for telling the truth! What a rare and refreshing experience I have had on the Internet today because of your work. Blessings,


Wes Roberts, (Austin, TX)

Truly great site, thanks! Mr. Akinson, I'm sitting at Barnes and Noble with my 16 yr old son (started home schooling him this year, after finding public schools too horrendous) talking about the info in your site which I found just today. The information I feel is coming from my own heart, and what I've been shocked into worrying about starting last year when lies and corruption became too obvious to ignore in the government and society.
To have confirmation of my ideas (and adding many more from your site) is great. Thanks so much!


Richard Deeks

Follow Up Hi Philip I stumbled across your site some four years ago shocked as I was to discover there was another lunatic who sees the world the way I do. What a relief, I thought it may have been my arrogance that alerted me to the mass dumbing down of society.
Four years down the track from your site twenty from my realisation and I am now struggling to believe that it is not being orchestrated as to the efficiency by which the dumbing down process is occurring. Surely there are sharper minds than mine that can see what is happening? Yet nothing is done, in fact quite opposite. Then again if I held the reins of power I might thank my lucky stars that my populace is more concerned with their latest tattoo, piercing, phone, football, sexual immorality or the price of beer than with their freedoms.
As I am in Australia, I fear it does not value that which was not fought for, they seem to trust the powers that be to hand out freedoms as they see fit rather than to excercise their God given rights. Unbelievable...pass me another beer!
I am an advocate of gun rights and shock horror for personal protection, I am constantly amazed at the willingness of the masses to allow the police to record the details of their fellow citizen victim's suffering at the hands of criminals rather than empower them to defend themselves.
Sadly, we are witnessing the end of the whole stinking mess, there is no hope other than the Lord Jesus Christ for a system that upholds and celebrates the rights of sexual perversion above those of family, witnesses the disintegration of all that is good yet protects the perpetrators.
Anyway, I enjoy the read and I have a confession about tailgating that I am guilty of only if they are below the speed limit as I have to get there or feel the wrath of others. Cheers




nice site Your website is really tremendous. I feel powerless. what can I do? I want to abandon america and settle in Europe, in Germany namely. I have a right. I am european American and I assimilate to their mother-culture. I speak German and have lived there before. Anyway America has been the chief destroyer of all the potential and enforcer of all modern liberal ideals and funding of communism. Fascism literally means order, but the communist-democrats will have it no other way. They want THEIR morality and worldview to dominate, and America arrogantly wants to export its ideals to everywhere. The US government has waged 3 major wars on its own race- against the south, and Germany twice, and pressured south africa to cave- why? What did we gain? We gained high taxes during each of the three wars- that's what we gained! Bravo! Now after wars, we are exhausted and indebted and needing to justify ourselves- what happens? We become enchained, that's what happens. Sorry, all I wanted to do was compliment you on your website, but I got carried away. What can a man do- who feels castrated, emasculated by society and offended and outraged, but not wanting to explode? Wanting to do something constructive, which will really help. Every time a man comes up with a good idea he's either marginalized or slandered- or else waged war against! We must destroy the enemy within, before it permanently alters the genetic makeup of the inhabitants of the earth- i.e. before genocide is completed.
We are threatened from east and west and south and from those powerful aliens within. Some are good. Some are even great. But on the whole, their effect is one of destruction and corruption and paralysis. It makes me almost hate life, yet I love life. What happens if our genes all perish, of the indo-europeans? No more pure indo-europeans capable of sustaining civilization? I hope we are all just matter, and I won't have to observe this from heaven or reincarnate into it if europe dies. Why do people think they need these progressive values anyways? Why do they think values of tolerance, acceptance, foreign invasions, etc- why are these values necessary in their minds? fear? Pressure? View of history? Indoctrination? (I'm assuming these are not their natural values). Yeah we are played like marionettes.