2023 Responses
To A Study Of Our Decline by P Atkinson



Cleve Blakemore

Your general theory was so good at explaining the modern world in 2004 that it seems redundant to write you again in 2023.

Of course, you were eerily prophetic. You have been a profound influence on my own ideas in addition to Jim Penman's brilliant BIOHISTORY. I have immediately recalled something I read on your site twenty years earlier nearly every day in regards to modern life.

I managed to get out of Australia last August and escaped back to my home in America. Things are so madhouse now that the inside of an asylum would feel like a vacation from the world. The common man is barely more than an animal in most regards - they remember nothing of their own identity, their history, their culture ... all lost. It's rare to meet someone who can read at more than a 2nd or 3rd grade level.

My father told me thirty years ago it would get really bad. He told me when it seemed the end was coming, I should retreat to the Appalachians and live off the grid altogether. I'm working on that now.

Before I left Australia, all of the children of the people I had met over my thirty years there had children preparing to be surgically mutilated in anticipation of "changing their sex." This doesn't bode well for the future and it looks like very rapid depopulation is coming over the next few decades.

I'd suggest that maybe the reason you have received little correspondence since 2016 is that there are no people left who could understand a word on your site and they'd probably only be pretending if they claimed they did.

I appreciate your keeping the site up, I am intent on preserving it for future generations so people will remember that there were many of us who understood perfectly what was happening to our civilization.