Why Truth is Hated and Suppressed in a Declining Civilisation
From 'Impact of Decline' by P Atkinson (14/4/2015)

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." George Orwell

The Galileo Effect
Truth is sacrosanct is claimed by citizens whether their society is waxing or waning, but in the declining mode it is hated and suppressed; winning only persecution for the honest. This is the Galileo Effect, where those who dare contradict a popular delusion find their message ignored while their person is attacked. They are condemned for the crime of heresy, for which truth is no defence, as Galileo discovered, being forced to deny the earth circled the sun, to avoid execution.

Why the Selfish Deny Truth and Embrace Delusion
Any event that excites the fears and fancies of the selfish immediately becomes subject to popular delusion that ignores the simple truth in favour of the incredible. Hence the majority of citizens contradicted:

Hatred of Truth Almost Universal
The almost universal extent of this hatred of truth is advertised by the driving habits of citizens who nearly all “tail-gate”. An act that confirms not just that the vast majority of drivers deny truth, but this prevents them acting in their own interest, for not only is their behaviour illegal and dangerous but it supplies no benefit.

Why the Selfish Hate the Truthful
When a man contradicts a delusion of the selfish, the merit of his argument is irrelevant, for to the selfish, truth is what their fears and fancies—which is their God—demand, not what clear thinking reveals; so by openly contradicting what the selfish worship—self—an honest man commits heresy and identifies himself as the enemy of the selfish: a hatred that is obvious to the sane (see the cartoon published in The Australian 25/3/2015).

The Mob Rules
All public utterances must now (circa 2000) reflect the bigotry of the mob, or win persecution. This was clearly demonstrated by Pauline Hanson, the federal Member of Parliament for Oxley, Queensland, who was maligned and condemned for publicly stating simple truths in her maiden speech on September 10th 1996. Her sentiments were deemed sacrilege, albeit without using that actual word. Nor is she alone, for all those who dare contradict popular delusions find themselves treated as heretics, stigmatised and persecuted (see political correctness).